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Administering CBD Oil For Pets- A Comprehensive Guide

Administering CBD

A lot of pet parents opt to give CBD to their beloved animals to improve their health or to get rid of some symptoms such as pain and anxiety. No matter what your reason for giving CBD to your pet is, you must do it properly.

Anyone who has ever had pets will know how difficult it is to feed them medicines or anything that does not taste or smell good. Giving your pet CBD oil can also become a task sometimes. Hence we have listed down some easy methods through which you will be able to feed your dog or cat their daily dose of cannabidiol without them making a fuss.

What Should Be The Cbd Oil Dosage?

Administering CBD

The dosage that should be given to a pet depends on a variety of factors. The first factor is the strength of CBD being given.

The oils with a high percentage of CBD will be given in lesser quantity and the ones with a high percentage will be given in lower quantity. Most of the brands such as holista pet mention the percentage of CBD in the oil on the packaging to make measuring easier for you. The second factor is the condition that is being treated.

For example, if you are giving cannabidiol for a disease as big as epilepsy or pain caused due to chemotherapy, then the dosage will be stronger. However, for dogs suffering from anxiety or mild pain, the dosage will be considerably lower.

Lastly, it also depends on the size of the dog. The dosage that you administer to a Chihuahua will be considerably small in comparison to the dosage of a big dog such as a Rottweiler. Most of the bottles will come with dosage instructions with the size and weight of the dog.

As we saw that three factors determine the dosage, hence there are no certain criteria that can be selected for all dogs. The best advice here can be asking the veterinarian about the potency of the cannabinol that you should give the dog. 75mg is usually for smaller dogs and over 300 mg is for bigger dogs. However, the potency will differ from brand to brand.

The only thing you should keep in mind is to buy products that are organically produced and do not have any traces of THC in the oil. Follow the link to know more about CBD treatment for dogs:

How To Give Cbd Oil To Pets?

We have discussed how much to administer and now we come to the question, how to administer CBD in pets.

In The Form Of Treats

No pet will say no to treats. Hence, one of the best and the most common ways to give cannabidiol oil is to put it on the top of a treat and let your pet eat it. If you have to give a bigger dosage, put drops of the oil on different treats, and feed them to your dog or cat. This trick always works.

Directly Though A Dropper

If you have a pet who is a little big tamed and lets you feed them easily, then giving the oil directly with the help of a dropper is the best way. This is also the best method for dogs having seizures since it acts quickly. So, the best way is to lift the lips and drop it on their gums. Direct placement of the product also means that your pet will get the right amount into their body.

Mix With Food

If the above two options are not for you then mixing the oil with food can also be a good option. Since these cannabidiol oils do not have a distinctive smell, they can easily be overcome by the smell of food. So, drop the desired amount in the food and let it settle for some time. Mix the food thoroughly and let your pet eat it. Make sure you mix properly because animals do pick up on the change in the texture of their meal and create a fuss.

DIY Your Method

You know your pet the best and hence you should be able to make your methods to make them eat their required daily dose. You can make them homemade treats and mix the oil in them. You can also mix the oil with some peanut butter and let them lick it. If you have a pet that drinks a lot of water throughout the day, diluting cannabidiol with water can also be a great option.

Rub It In The Ear

If your dog does let you feed them CBD orally then you will have to take some on your fingers and rub it in the inner part of the ear. This method should only be used in case of emergency because it does not guarantee absorption.

When you start administering CBD to your cat or dog, you should always start with the smaller dose. When you see results, you can slowly increase the dosage. Although cannabidiol does not have any side effects, there is still a chance of overdose. So, make sure that you do not give excessive quantity to your pet. Click here to know how to choose the best CBD Oil.

The best method of administration is direct feeding through the dropper if you need immediate effects. The other methods will take some time to show the results. Also, make sure that you don’t force-feed your pet. Rather take a gentle approach that will last longer.

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