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Properties in Cyprus is a site with an extensive portfolio of properties for sale and rent in Cyprus, we can help you make an informed choice on what option is right for you. Most buyers now want a property, not just as a holiday home but also as a good investment. Location is an important factor when purchasing any property and is particular to this when selecting properties in great locations throughout Cyprus. If you are looking for properties for pure investment, we can work with you to create a winning Property Portfolio. If you are looking for your dream home for your retirement, then look no further, let us search for you and place arrangements for you to go and view your chosen properties in the island of Cyprus.

We can also assist you with the entire purchase process. Also, if you want to build a Property Portfolio in a structured way, we can assist you with all aspects of the purchasing processes; including where the best buys are and what countries would be best for you. We can also guide you to all the services you need such as specialist taxation services, mortgage advice, and administration of your portfolio, and expert legal advice which is an essential element of buying overseas property.

We can prepare a schedule for you showing you the kind of estimated returns to expect from your overseas property portfolio and including all the costs with different financing options. This will assist you in the process of choosing the best options for you. We can then recommend you discuss the portfolio with an experienced Independent Mortgage Broker who can advise you on the best financing option for your overseas real estate portfolio. We also work with developers and agents who are dedicated to supplying clients with the best available properties in Cyprus. We carry out a detailed due diligence process on the properties they list and for all their portfolio properties we also carry out due diligence on the rentability of the property and the expected yields from them.

Cyprus Property investment is now a big business attracting all ages and successors. Young graduates in their first job want to get on a property ladder and over their life; they see prices moving closer between countries because of globalization. They are buying in the cheaper developments now in the hope that the value will increase and over time they will accumulate some wealth so they can eventually purchase a house in their home country. We carry out extensive research on all the areas i.e Larnaca, Limassol, Famagusta, Ayia Napa, etc. Ee enter and look at population trends, housing supplies, the economy, and the demographics. By studying these important matters, we can assess and gauge the future financial benefits of investing in various countries. Most busy executives want to purchase managed properties and don’t want to get calls about broken pipes or tenants who lose their keys. It is very important to always ensure the property is managed to avoid this kind of time input. High end managed tourist properties are ideal for investment because they are typically well managed and return strong yields. has a wealth of experience to offer clients and wants to build long-term, quality relationships with you over time.

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