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A Contract Packing Company Can Help with Request or Refund Concerns

It’s frustrating when customers request a refund or return of the order. However, it’s the reality in any business. You need to know that people might not feel satisfied with what they purchased. It’s the risk of buying items online. Instead of worrying about recovering what you lost because of the request, look at it as an opportunity. An excellent response to refund or return requests can help businesses appeal to more people. Ignoring them or denying the request will turn off potential customers. These are some tips for handling the problem.

Partner with a Fulfilment Company

The first step is to work with a fulfilment company like www.cannonpacking.co.uk. There will be a quick transaction with the help of these delivery experts. They will ensure that the product replacement arrives on time. You have to work with companies with a proven track record in the industry.

Be Quick

When you receive a request for a return or refund, you have to handle it right away. The customers already felt frustrated, and they don’t want to feel enraged even more. If you can’t act immediately, you can at least acknowledge the request. Let the customer know that you will be looking into the issue and solve the problem.

Conduct an Investigation 

While it helps to be quick, you also want to protect the business. The next step is to gather information and ensure that the story adds up. You don’t want to refund someone who already utilized the services offered. It’s even more challenging if you received requests, months or even years after making the order. You can also ask questions to verify the information provided. However, be cautious with how you ask questions to avoid offending the customer.

Look at the Refund Policy

All customers have to agree to the refund policy before ordering the products. If they made a request that doesn’t follow the policy, you have to point it out to them. Offer an alternative response to the problem, but there’s no guarantee that it will be satisfactory. For instance, some companies don’t even have a refund policy. It’s possible to request a replacement of the previous order, but not for cancellation. There are only specific instances when businesses allow the request to push through. Don’t try to violate the refund policy yourself since it could be a slippery slope. When other customers know that you granted someone else’s request, they will think it’s unfair. You would rather stick to the rules and apply them to everyone.

Shoulder the Shipping Costs

If the company doesn’t have a refund policy, you can send a new product instead. It might still be frustrating since customers have to wait for many days before the arrival of the replacement. You can shoulder the shipping cost to make them feel better. If the customer still doesn’t like what you gave, you can ask for an alternative. Some requests are reasonable enough, and you can accept them. However, if the demands are too outrageous to accommodate, you should say no.

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