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A Closer Look at Our Taxation Services – Can We Help YOUR Business?

We offer a wide range of taxation services that could be of benefit to you and your business or your clients. With more than fifteen years’ experience in all aspects of Cyprus and offshore tax planning, you can rest assured that our high level of expertise puts your tax concerns in safe hands. Our tailored approach allows us to customise our services to be a perfect fit for your requirements. Let us introduce you to just some of the ways in which our high level tax services are currently helping our clients both in Cyprus, and worldwide…

International Tax Planning Services

The complexities of multi-jurisdictional tax issues can be incredibly in-depth. Our team of international tax experts can aid you in setting out tax strategies that will enhance your business.

Cyprus Tax and VAT Planning Services

Our Cyprus tax planning services are highly comprehensive, covering all aspects of property investment structures and trusts, trading structures, regulated structures, royalty structures, financing structures and holding company structures. Our expert tax team can provide you with a review of a proposed structure along with identification of all material Cyprus tax consequences. We can aid you in the preparation and filing of any tax ruling requests to the Cypriot authorities, and we can review and prepare your annual tax returns.  Our services include optimisation advice and recommendations. We also deal with the Cyprus tax authorities on your behalf, this includes objections and notices of tax assessment.

Property Tax Services

We are also highly experienced in all aspects of tax with regards to property. Taxes relating to the purchase or sale of property or taxes due from property rental. We can ensure that you are aware of all the implications of property acquisition, ownership and rental.

Intellectual Property Taxation

Intellectual Property is often one of the most important, and valuable assets of a business and so it is vital that is well managed. It is important to establish an IP structure in a location that well serves the strategies and model of the business, while protecting intellectual property and also bearing in mind any tax implications. The IP box scheme, effective since July 2016 promotes Cyprus as an efficient IP regime which is enhanced by the protection of the EU Member States and declares that 80% of qualifying profits are exempt from tax. These intangible assets must be well managed and we can assist with all aspects of this.

All Aspects of Tax, and More

There are just some of the ways in which businesses and corporations are currently benefiting from our expertise. In short, we can help with any aspects of tax and also advise on many other areas of business such as company formation, investment funds, and we also specialise in investor immigration. Should you be interested in any of our services, then do get in touch, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have or visit our website for more details regarding our full range of services.

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