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5 Best Way To Store CBD Hemp Flower

CBD Hemp Flower

There is a reason why our grandparents stressed on the need for storage and preservation of things. It elevates the experience of buying a product. And no guesswork applies here, only experience and brains can help extend the life of a product.

The same logic applies in storing hemp flowers. CBD-rich hemp flowers can keep its flavours and notes when you follow these simple guidelines shared below. And it is nothing complicated. Just a simple follow-up on light, temperature, humidity and you get perfect hemp with its flavours intact.

What to be wary of in Storing Hemp


Regardless of the hemp flower you buy, the preservation technique determines the quality and longevity. Now there are three elements – temperature, humidity and UV light that can degrade the quality of the hemp. So, unless you take precautions, the hemp will lose its potency and richness and hinder the shelf life.

Whether you purchased your hemp from a reputed vendor or sourced it from the local cannabis farm, make efforts to follow storage techniques to continue enjoying the hemp.

1. Keep It Away From Harsh Light:

We still love our kitchen containers sitting on the windowsill and basking in the sunlight. It is the beginning of degradation of the hemp. Adding aesthetic appeal to the valued hemp cannot save it from the chemical changes and reactions due to severe rays of the sun. The loss of the terpenes and cannabinoids that give strong aroma to the hemp strains destroys the quality of the hemp flower and speeds up the rotting process. The diminished flavour and reduced effects fail to do justice to the price of the hemp.

A better way out is to hide your hemp from the sun and store it in a dark place instead. The motto should be to keep the hemp flower away from the direct light of the sun or a high-watt lamp. Light is not conducive to hemp storage.

2. Maintain Suitable Temperature:

Hemp preparation after harvest goes through drying and curing to vaporize excess moisture. Temperature fluctuations from harvest to curing stage can also produce mould and mildew ruining the hemp yield and impacting the moisture.

Preserving the best temperature is the key to keeping your hemp in good quality. A temperature range between 77° and 86° F is ideal for the hemp crop and prevents any negative effect in the hemp leaves moisture content. Whereas for CBD oil from cannabis Ontario  retailers, is good to go at normal room temperature.

3. Choose Correct Containers For Hemp Storage:


Kitchen cabinets and cupboards are the best places to store your hemp pick. Here starts the role of a container. The average consumer likes to store edible items in Ziplock bags, but the plastic trend does not work for storing hemp.

Go in for colourful mason jars such as brown or dark green-tinted. They divert light and add a protective layer for hemp. Being airtight, they provide good protection from moisture and bacteria that can seep in the jar and contaminate. A few days of hemp storage in a mason jar keeps the content safe and secure and magnifies the scent. When it comes to liquid form such as CBD oil, the refrigerator works well for storage.If you’re planning to store CBD capsules, then ensure to use air tight containers.Nevertheless,most of the capsules comes pre packed in airtight,light proof dark bottles to enhance the shelf life of capsules.

4. Avoid Touching The Hemp:

We have a habit of touching everything. Touching a dried hemp flower may disrupt and peel off the sticky trichomes of the flower. The peels stick to the human hand, breaking the cannabis flower. The trichome glands are a vital part of the hemp because they store CBD compounds. So, any pilferage with hemp leads to a massive loss.

As a standard rule, touch hemp only at the time of using it. Stay away from the mechanical touch to maintain the hemp’s cannabis value.

5. Look Into The Humidity Factor:


Moisture matters in hemp storage. Humidity can make or break good cannabis cultivation. Flowers are prone to mold and microbes. Humidity control is always the need of the hour in preserving hemp.

An average hemp flower should have a 59 to 62 per cent moisture. Anything under or excess of this bandwidth is harmful to the hemp. Humidity packs made by Integra help retain the right moisture in the storage jars. Other than that, there are humidity control methods available like desiccants that absorb water vapor.

Common Mistakes To Avoid In Hemp Storage:

Here are some more tips on storing the dried hemp from farms:

  • Storing cannabis in the freezer makes the trichomes stiff and brittle and can cause them to break off on the smallest of touch. No harm in storing hemp in the refrigerator, but under all circumstances evade putting it in the freezer.
  • Edible items always attract perishability. The same rule applies to a cannabis product made of dried hemp. Apart from the mason jars, one can also store natural hemp in an airtight Tupperware container.
  • A basement or a cellar is beneficial for hemp flower storage considering it is a cool and dark place.
  • Never store hemp in containers or cabinets that are a few inches away from the cooking appliances that generate heat.

Final Analysis:

Light, colour, moisture and heat are elements that can be destructive for storing hemp flower. Protect your hemp with careful and meticulous storage to keep the freshness intact until you are ready to use it.

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