Online Quran Classes For Kids

Every believer loves to teach his or her kid the sacred Book of Allah. Nowadays, there have become several online academies where parents can properly teach their kids. The question arises in parents’ minds that how they can believe in any academy because there are also inexperienced people who are running Quran academies for the sake of business, then how they can believe in any person who is leading Quran academies. Undoubtedly, there are also the best online Quran classes where even adults can have the Quran’s education. However, people who doubt the academies must ask from the academies to provide three days of trial. In this period, you may judge the tutors who are teaching the Holy Quran.

Why Kids Learn Quran With Quran Classes

It is the basic question which a person raises in his/her mind. However, it has a very simple answer that the believer who has faith in Allah must follow the sacred Book revealed in his religion. On the other hand, it is also recommended that a parent must have knowledge regarding this sacred Quran revealed by Allah Almighty. Additionally, he should also look for online Quran classes for adults. The religion Islam is the complete code of life. It is crystal clear that if you have started teaching your kid the matchless knowledge of the Quran, he can make his future bright not only in this world but also after this life. A kid who learns about the Quran then he becomes capable of building the society as the tutors teach according to the Islamic religion.

These days where the innovation is leading there online, Quran learning surah waqiah is leading everywhere in the world. People are also learning the Quran at online Quran classes in the USA. Either it is the USA or South Africa, the kids and adults can learn Quran with Quran classes. If you are searching for the best online Quran classes, you should go for some techniques that are unfolded below:

Techniques For Finding Out The Best Online Quran Classes

  • Very first thing to find the best online Quran classes is to search out a list of the best Quran academies on the Google
  • Secondly, you need to look at the comments of the students who are already enrolled in the academy
  • Thirdly, you should call the academy and ask them if they are also availing you the facility of the trial classes
  • Once you have attended the trial classes of an Quran academy for the Quran classes, then you need to check one or two more academies in the same manner
  • Finally, you need to compare and go for the one that you think better according to your judgment.

It is pertinent to mention here that self-judgment plays a vital role for the learning process. In education, either it is a kid or an adult, he must go for self-judgment.


Therefore, if you think that you want to grow not a single kid and you would like to grow the generation in the best way, you need to teach your kids the Quran. It is the only best way to live life with the teachings of the Holy Quran. On the other hand, worldly education is also necessary, but a parent mustn’t forget the Holy Quran’s knowledge. It saves your kids from the darkness of the world as well as of the grave. Thus, you should find the best online Quran classes for your kids. It doesn’t matter either your sitting in the USA or in any corner of the world. You can find online Quran classes in the USA for kids as well as for the adults. Once you follow the techniques mentioned above, you may find the best Quran classes for you and your kids.

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  1. Noor Academy is managed by a group of professors, who specialize in the sciences of the Quran and the Arabic language. Besides expert professors, Noor Academy employs a team of qualified lecturers in Arabic and English, who provide professional online education, in a variety of disciplines.

  2. If you are serious about your children learning Arabic, you must follow a strategy that is tailored to their specific needs. To enhance their Arabic writing skills, you will need to follow an organized strategy similar to how you would increase their reading and speaking skills.

    Noor Academy is here to tell you how to improve your kids’ Arabic handwriting online in the most fun way.

    What Is Handwriting in Arabic?

    The creative practice of Handwriting and Calligraphy based on the Arabic script is known as Arabic handwriting. It is known as khatt in Arabic, which is derived from the words ‘line,’ ‘pattern,’ or ‘construction.’

    Arabic handwriting is merely the Arabic alphabet handwritten. What distinguishes the Arabic language handwriting is the variety of writing styles that have evolved throughout time. Naskh, Nasta‘liq, Diwani, Thuluth, and Reqa are the five main styles. The Nashkh and Ruq’ah are two highly common kinds.

    Naskh is a circular, smaller script used in Islamic calligraphy. Because of its readability, Naskh was one of the earliest scripts of Islamic calligraphy to evolve.

    It is frequently employed in writing administrative documents and transcribing literature, including al Quran.

    The Naskh writing style can be seen as early as the first century of the Islamic calendar. Because of their employment by writers, round scripts were the most common in the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth centuries.

    Ruq’ah or Riqah is a more modern Arabic script variant that is mostly employed in official documents and ordinary writing.

    The most prevalent kind of handwriting in the Arabic alphabet is Ruq’ah. It is well-known for its clipped letters made of short, straight lines and basic curves,

    as well as its text lines that are straight and even. It was most likely influenced by the Thuluth and Naskh styles.

    How Can I Write Good Handwriting in Arabic?

    In order to write good handwriting in Arabic, or teach it to your children, you need practice. Here are some ways that can help you and your kids improve your handwriting in Arabic.

    1- Read a lot

    Reading Arabic material is required for effective Arabic writing. To be able to create an output (write), you must be exposed to a sufficient volume and quality of Arabic reading (input) on a regular basis.

    Some claim that you may learn to write Arabic letters without even knowing how to read Arabic. However, this is a misconception. It is actually recommended to learn how to write and read Arabic

    7- Sign up in an online class

    You can sign your kids up in Noor Academy’s Arabic learning program. They get to learn and have feedback from a professional native Arabic tutor who can help them to improve their level.

    A huge part of the program is to teach Arabic calligraphy alphabet letters and make sure the kids write properly.


    How Can I Make Arabic Handwriting Practice Fun for Kids?

    • Handwriting is a skill that takes a lot of practice to master. It may also be a little, well, dull. You can make Arabic handwriting practice more enjoyable for your preschooler or kindergarten by

    Get premium Arabic worksheets from Noor Academy ( house of Quran ) 

    Arabic Handwriting – Learn Arabic Series is a great book for this purpose. The primary goal of this book is to familiarize children and novices with basic Arabic handwriting by teaching them to write letters and words.

    Students can use this book to learn how to write and study verses from al Quran as well as hadith from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).