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3 Unexpected Places To Put Your Logo

Marketing a business is easy when you know-how; it doesn’t have to be costly; it just requires some straightforward but extremely effective techniques and strategies. For instance, using your company logo is the ideal way to achieve recognition, and knowing where to place the logo enables a simple, cost-effective, and quick approach to marketing that will benefit your business greatly.

You may wonder where else to pop your company logo? So, we’ve come up with a few suggestions that can be easily implemented.

  • Drinks bottles/cups/cans

It’s a highly effective way of marketing a business, and it’s simple, quick, and cost-effective. There are many different ways to apply business logos to beverages;

You can print them directly onto bottles such as water or soft drinks bottles or even reusable bottles and cups and then use those beverages for display purposes as well as retail. A shelf of bottled drinks clearly labelled with the company logo makes a standout feature for any business and is sure to catch the eyes of the consumer, place them all over your office, store or establishment for more significant impact.

Koozies are another method often uses; these act as insulation for cold drinks (rather like a coolant jacket), and logos can be printed onto them.

For gift purposes, you may wish to print or use stick-on logos on wine bottles and offer them out to friends and family.

Coffee and tea disposable printed paper cups can be a great way to display the company logo, either in the office or for certain occasions such as events and conferences.

  • Workwear, uniforms

Use your staff to your advantage by displaying the company logo onto their attire; it could be T-shirts, jackets, caps, overalls, or smocks. You have the option to have items directly printed with marked logo and offer them out to workers or in the form of pinned badges or sewn on patches.

When the staff wears the company logo, not only are they advertising business everywhere they go, they are also identifying themselves as staff members, and this is helpful to customers and clients.

  • Presentations

Never miss an opportunity when it comes to presentations, conferences, or even small meetings. Logos can be included on every slide deck as well as refreshments such as cups and disposable plates and napkins and even stationery like pens and pencils; you can also create banners and signs to display depending on budget.

Branding strategies are the core of marketing success and one way to perfect; this is to display logos clearly and precisely. To gain recognition from target audiences, you need to ensure that your brand is visible to the eye of the consumer, and logo distribution helps to achieve. Customers and clients will base judgment on first impression-it’s a natural thing to do- a company that puts effort into branding is certainly a strategy that never goes unnoticed, it showcases professionalism with regards to how much time and effort, as well as investment, is implemented into the business.

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