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3 Fun Ways to Advertise Your Business

Engaging with your target audience is a critical part of achieving commercial success, but how can you inject a little fun into your advertising strategy? If you want to do something a little different and catch the eye of future customers, take a look at these three fun ways to advertise your business:

Promotional Gifts

Everyone loves to get something for nothing, which is one of the reasons why promotional gifts are always so popular. From pens and mugs to phone cases and T-shirts, there are endless options to consider. Having your company name, slogan and logo printed onto promotional items allows you to reinforce your branding and boost brand recognition. What’s more – you can generate brand loyalty when you gift promotional items to your target audience.

Vehicle Signage

You don’t need a whole fleet of vehicles to use this form of advertise, so don’t panic if cars and vans aren’t a major element of your business model. In fact, even having vehicle signs and graphics placed on your own car can be a great way to promote your business. You can find vehicle signs and graphics at Planet Sign. With Planet Sign’s fast turnaround times and mobile fitting service, having your graphics fitted is easier than you think.

Decals and graphics catch the eye of other road users and pedestrians, which makes them an effective way to promote a local or national business. If you want to create a buzz around your brand, why not use your vehicle to do it?


Launching a competition gives you the flexibility to run a campaign that suits your business. Maybe your top prize will be a voucher to spend in store, a meal for two in your restaurant or VIP access to your online platform? No matter what you select as the prizes, the process of running a competition gives you a fun way to promote your business.

An added benefit of this form of advertising is the ability to capture data from entrants. Individuals will need to give their name and contact details in order to enter the competition, so include a check box that enables them to opt into future marketing too. By doing so, you’ll be able to follow up with persuasive content and continue to promote your brand in the long-term.

Combining Offline and Online Marketing

Although digital marketing can be a highly effective way to engage your target audience, offline advertising remains an important way of marketing your business. By combining both online and offline marketing methods, you can secure maximum exposure for your brand and increase your marketing ROI.

Remember – offline marketing can be used as a basis for online content, so don’t overlook the opportunity to leverage every campaign you run. Had your vehicle wrapped in new graphics? Take a photo, create a blog post and share it across social media to maximise the impact.

Finding new and innovative ways of marketing your business is essential to success. By using a range of tools and techniques to promote your products and services, you can continue to surprise your target audience and give them a reason to engage with you.

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