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You’ve Got the Press Coverage – What Next?

Have you recently gotten the press coverage your company has been working towards? Great, now it’s time to capitalise on that attention and keep the momentum going.

Whilst it’s exciting that your brand is getting some well-deserved recognition, it is important to amplify and repurpose the press coverage content across all channels available to you, to ensure your company gets the maximum possible exposure.

Graeme Patfield, Director of PR Company, Polymedia PR advises on how you should leverage your press coverage.

Here are some of his tips:

  • Promote via social media
  • Share Internally
  • Share with clients and prospects
  • Add to your webpage blog

Promote Via Social Media

Sharing any press coverage onto your company social media platforms is one of the easiest, but most important steps to capitalise on media attention.

Referencing the author of the coverage within your post also helps to build upon your relationship, and open the door for future collaboration with the journalist/publication. They may even take the time to respond to your post – and even this can be leveraged through resharing.

Networking can benefit your press coverage outreach substantially, so take the time to look through commentors. If any appear to be journalists or influencers, you can reach out and encourage them to engage and support your brand, increasing social buzz.

Online publications often track article success by its reach, so working on interaction with commentors, sharers and taking advantage of engagement features such as hashtags will bring additional media traction to your page.

If the press coverage appears on the publisher’s social accounts, be sure to like, comment, share and retweet it.

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Share Internally

Sharing your success should be one of the first moves when your company has received press coverage. Hearing positive feedback can help motivate a team, it’s like a pat on the back and reminds them their work makes an impact.

You can ask your colleagues to share the press coverage on their own professional or personal social networks, resharing their posts onto your company site. Doing so will generate increased site traction and help grow your likes, views and click through rates.

Another way to keep the buzz going is by putting a clipping of the article up in a prominent place of your office. This way, you and your colleagues are reminded daily of the reward for your hard efforts, inspiring everyone to push for more – which can benefit a team’s morale.

Share With Clients and Prospects

Sharing good news in the form of impressive press coverage can help strengthen your relationship with your existing clients. This helps to keep your company fresh in their minds, helping to cultivate long-term relationships based on trust and familiarity. Your clients want to know they have hired the right company, and positive press coverage is feedback that confirms they made the right choice.

Methods to share your accomplishment can include adding excerpts from the article into your company newsletter or releasing it as an email announcement with relevant links to your webpage. Here, a short message noting your appreciation of the clients can further increase business relations and include them in your achievement.

In the case of prospects, a press release is the perfect reason to finally take that leap and reach out. It allows them to get to know you and your company from an outsider perspective. Not only is your company an expert in its field, but it is also getting notable recognition for it.

Prospects are more likely to respond to business opportunities that show promise, and an encouraging press release is exactly the credibility that can easily kickstart your professional relationship.

Add to Your Webpage Blog

If your company website has a blog or news section, you want to ensure any press coverage is included. Your media page should be a highlight reel, showcasing every reason a client would want to work with you. Visitors will have a genuine interest in your services or products, so update the page to include a newsletter sign up, or an enquiry form to encourage visitor engagement long-term.

In order to keep visitors on your site, write an article summary alongside excerpts. You can link to the article at the bottom of the page, but ideally visitors will have already read all the detail and won’t really have a reason to click.

Ensuring the press release includes a link to your webpage further boosts site traffic, as Google places trust in ‘authority sites’ respected by those knowledgeable within that industry. Therefore, any external links from prominent publications will substantially increase your company’s search ranking.

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