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XTRgate Review – Is XTRgate Scam or Legit?

So, you are a new trader struck with all the information that you have to absorb about various brokers. Not only will you have a large range of brokers to sort through, but you also have to form your own opinions about a broker regardless of what you read about them. It is not a good idea to make judgments based on the reviews written by other people. Most of the time you will find that the negative reviews are written by the broker’s competitions while the positive reviews are written by biased traders.

I have spent several years trading with online brokers so I have developed a keen eye for distinguishing good brokers from bad ones. However, when I was new to the field, I always found reviews that either praised the broker like no other or negative reviews that made me question if anything about the broker was good. So, to make sure that new traders of today don’t go through the same thing I went through, I have decided to provide my unbiased and honest opinions about some reliable brokers. The broker that I want to talk about today is XTRgate. Read ahead to see why I think this broker is reliable.

Features Of Xtrgate Review That You Can Rely On

· Safety And Security

You provide a lot of confidential information to the broker when you sign up with it. The broker asks for sensitive information such as Proof of Identity, Proof of Residence, bank account details, amongst others. So, while you trust the broker with such private information, the broker should respect your trust and ensure the best possible safety measures to protect any information that you give it.

XTRgate is among the most secure brokers out there with its industry-leading security measures to protect all sensitive data. The servers of the platform are monitored 24/7 through surveillance cameras. While the information itself is protected via strictly controlled encryption methods. The broker uses cutting-edge technology with SSL certificates to ensure that all your information is safe with it. Any information input to the broker is instantly encrypted. In addition, the broker constantly conducts checks or holes in its system to avoid any hacker attacks.

The dedicated safety team of this broker allows you to trade with a peaceful mind. You can count on XTRgate to provide you with the safest trading platforms.

· Segregated Accounts

In the above section, I talked about the importance of information confidentiality to protect the client’s identity. However, you also need guaranteed security for the funds you collect from your trades. XTRgate offers you segregated accounts that keep your funds separate from the broker’s. With these accounts, the broker does not have any access to your fund. So, you don’t have to worry about your funds being used without your knowledge.

Furthermore, the regulatory policies ensure that any misconduct by the broker is caught instantly. And in the event of the broker going bankrupt, your funds will remain safe because of the separated accounts.

· Trading Conditions

You will be fully in tune with the broker once you understand its trading conditions. The chances of making huge returns increases as you become more and more familiar with the trading conditions of the broker. Commissions leverage, spreads, margins, etc. determine the trading conditions of a broker.

XTRgate is one of the brokers with a high liquidity rate so it offers lower commissions rates than most brokers, Furthermore, the broker offers an impressive variety of rates for leverages, spread, and margins. This broker offers leverages as low as 1:2 to as high as 1:20. These may not seem much to you but they are really good rates for cryptocurrencies.

The broker also supports various trading tools that make it easy to perform in the trading environment such as charts, trading signals, daily market reviews, etc. Traders should try to understand the different services the broker offers and their correlation with each other so that they can adapt to the environment of the broker. You can also adjust the display of the web-trader according to what you prefer.

· Reliable Trading Platform

XTRgate offers you a trading platform with easy navigation and a user-friendly interface. The broker offers you a smooth processing trading software that comes with various facilities and features. Moreover, multiple versions of the trading platform of this broker are available online. What this means is that if you want to use the platform at home, you can choose the web-trader. This is beneficial because a majority of the options and information are available on one large screen. This gives you easy access to the tools of the trading platform. Next, you can also access the web-trader of this broker through other devices or you can download the applications from the Play Store or Apple Store.

Reliable trading platforms play an important role in determining the quality of the experience you have with a broker. Moreover, being comfortable with the trading platform adds to your understanding of the trading conditions which enhances your trade experience.


There are many features that you need to look for in a broker to see if you can trust it or not. I have talked about the most important features that I always check for when deciding if I can trust the broker with my investments. I believe that XTRgate is a reliable broker that is excellent for new traders since it focuses on the cryptocurrency exchange. And most people are drawn towards online trading because of cryptocurrencies.

So, if you are someone who wants to trade with various assets at the same time, then this broker might not be it for you. However, the leverage rates and spreads this broker offers for cryptocurrencies are one of a kind. That being said, you have to decide whether or not this broker is the right fit for you. You can do this by testing out the services of the broker yourself before making any final decisions.

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