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Why You Should Combine VoIP Solutions and Email Marketing

As we move towards a hyperconnected world that switches between various applications trying to become a complete ecosystem with their unique specializations, there is an emerging need felt by the industry: Harnessing the power of multiple marketing channels to create a universal sales funnel. Email marketing and VoIP are two versatile channels for reaching out to customers to address a variety of purposes, and combining both of them can help businesses on multiple levels. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provides many strategic benefits over the standard telephone lines, which could be extremely beneficial for handling customers. In this article, I am going to discuss how you can combine VoIP and email marketing. Dive in deeper to know more on the areas where you can utilize their synergy:

Customer Servicing and Backend Support

Customer servicing is one of the major areas where you can use VoIP in combination with emails. It allows your employees to connect with your customers on both emails and on phone calls parallelly. Your customer service representatives won’t need to search the concerned emails manually, which can help them service the client quickly. Even for onboarding your clients, you can combine your VoIP system and email channel to provide seamless backend support. As all your employees can access the previous correspondence details, be it telephonic or emails, errors are reduced to a great extent. This could prove extremely beneficial since email and telephone are the two most preferred communication channels as per customers.

Learning And Development

You can store the call recordings as well as the email correspondence for utilizing it in the learning and development of your employees. Your team will get access to various cases and client handling methods with detailed email correspondence so that they can perform better in future. This data will also help develop a better understanding of customer intent as their language and tone change on both mediums. For instance, you can identify the patterns between certain emails and the actual problem faced by your customers so that your client servicing representatives are well prepared with the solutions and handle the clients empathetically. It also includes building functional HTML email templates and transactional email workflows targeted at reducing communication gaps using voice call data. Thus, you can optimize the standard operating procedures and best practices for sales and servicing verticals for better customer experience.

Grievance Redressal

When your customers raise a complaint, a corresponding ticket is issued against it to keep track of the matter, but without VoIP, you may lose the records of verbal communication. You can connect your VoIP solution with your email service provider so that your grievance redressal executives can access the concerned emails directly and deal with the concerned matter in a satisfactory manner. This reduces the confusion at the end of your executives and helps them address grievances with minimum friction.

Risk Management and Compliance

You should have a proper database of all the communications made by your marketing and customer service in teams to ensure your legal safety. As phone calls and emails are two of the most preferred communication channels, having their records will safeguard your interests as well as help you better adhere with the compliance laws.

Marketing Analytics

Email marketing tools provide you with metrics like open rate, CTR, spam rate that help you understand customer preferences as well as the effect of various email copies. Similarly, the VoIP analytics generate insights for communication outreach campaigns like the number of calls answered and telephonic queries generated. When you run advertisements on various platforms, including emails, you can provide different phone numbers so that when customers call you, the respective marketing efforts can be tracked. This way, you can integrate the marketing analytics with your branding team to create better marketing material.

Client Segmentation

With VoIP, you are allowed to have multiple phone numbers that are listed locally on your client location. This also includes playing the waiting tone of the concerned country, thus extending a completely localized experience. Through different area codes and toll-free numbers, you can unify your communications at one place just like you send bulk emails for various regions with a single click. The client segmentation data from your VoIP system helps you fight back many parallels of email marketing such as email address duplication, sending messages to the same person on different email addresses, and reaching out to inactive contacts.

Wrap Up

You can combine VoIP solutions and email marketing with almost every interaction between your executives and your customers. People have different preferences for communicating and with the increasing volume of emails sent on a daily basis, reaching out to your prospects and customers on a phone call will become valuable as time passes. Integrating both of them through a CRM will help maximize your presence. I hope you find this article on combining VoIP solutions and email marketing helpful for your organization.

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