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Why Is The Vape Mod Popular?

Vape Mod Popular

Vape Mod – It is the larger devices than the electronic cigarette. The device takes its cue from the vape pen in an enhanced modified form with advanced features and is best known for the higher vapour production.  Mod are larger in size and shape and have larger batteries as well as hold more e-liquid. Moreover, the mechanism used in vape mod to heat the e-liquid is powerful than other e-cigarettes.

Vape mod, with the advancement, ensures the modified vaping experience.  One of the impressive features of vape mods is that it does not use any electrical power to vaporize. It allows the battery to fire the coil at the chosen temperature. It helps to produce huge plumes and flavour for you to enjoy. The mod components are –

Vape Battery –

It is the most significant part of the mod device to give the vaping experience, as it impacts the atomizer performance making it strong or weak vape. The mod batteries are separate and detachable, buy chianti and hence you can experiment with the device.

Some smaller vape mods have built-in batteries that are less customizable.

Vape Tank

The vape tank is the component that holds the e-juice. Rebuildable tank atomizers (RTAs) are available that save time and switch the flavours. For stronger flavours and dripping, you may also use the rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) that allows you to drip directly onto the coil for maximized flavour experience. Ensure to clean vape tank regularly for the better vaping experience.


Coil helps in vaporizing the e-juice and getting the hit, flavour and experience. It can be tailor-made to get the best experience. Reliable and consistent coils are also available in the market that you can readily purchase for instant use.

The different coil models work with different tanks, for instance, sub-ohm coils are only compatible with sub-ohm tanks, and pod mod coils are compatible with just pod cartridges. Sub-ohm coils cannot be used with pod cartridges or vice versa. You need to make sure you select the right one for your tank brand, for instance SMOK, as well.

If you have been vaping since a while and need a different experience, you may opt for the vape mod for advanced personal vaporizer. You may check out the wide range of SMOKcoil that suits you the best – a cloud chaser, a flavour craver or to curb the nicotine cravings.Vapourcore have a wide and ever-changing range of high PG, 50/50 and high VG 10ml e-liquids as well as nicotine salts, shortfills, MODs, PODs, PCCs, e-liquids, tanks, coils, pre-filled pods, and much more at unmatched price, that can be bought from the store or online.

Variable Wattage

Variable wattage (VW) Mods come with adjustable wattage going to the atomizer. A wider range of power sets are available in the mod but the vapers, in general, use the vape mod for high powered ones. Lower one will not help you produce bigger clouds.

Temperature Control (Tc)

Vape Mod Popular

Temperature Control vaping helps you to set a specific temperature instead f the specific wattage to vape. This helps in avoiding dry puffs and gets the flavour at its best. The temperature range in the TC mod varies. TC vaping has the nickel, titanium or stainless steel coils.

Coil Compatibility

Different tanks and atomizers are supported by the vape mods that work with both- low and high resistance coils. Low resistance coils is vital than the higher resistance ones.

There are yet other features – child lock and password set up, ease of use, pass-through charging and other safety features such as short circuit protection and protection against overcharging of the battery that has made vape mod the best choice of vapers despite the bulky size.

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