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Child assault is a very serious offense, and it would be very damaging if someone is falsely accused of that. It gets even worse if you’re found guilty and sentenced because that is guaranteed to change your life forever. It would be very hard to get a decent job, and you might even be restricted as to where you can and cannot live. This is why it is very critical that you hire a good lawyer who will fight for you and ensure you get cleared of any wrongdoing. Marshall Defense Firm is one of the best in the business, and the following are some of the reasons why you should work with them.


Experience should be one of the first things you look for when hiring a lawyer, and the team at Marshall Defense Firm has a boatload of it. The firm has been in operation for a very long time, and the lawyers have been practicing child assault defense for even longer. With this kind of experience, you know that they have dealt with a good number of cases of a similar nature in the past. This means that they know exactly what goes on during such cases and are therefore well equipped to present a strong defense that should get you acquitted.


Another important thing to look out for when hiring a defense lawyer is reputation, and it is safe to say that Marshall Defense Firm has a very solid one. For years they have worked hard and relentlessly to deliver as required by their clients, and this has made them earn the trust of many people. With such a reputation comes the pressure to maintain it, and the only way to do so is to continue to deliver as required by the clients. Therefore, you are sure that your child assault defense law firm of choice will do everything to make sure you are freed of the charges.


Relentlessness is an essential quality for every lawyer, more so one who is defending someone charged with child assault. You need a lawyer who doesn’t understand the concept of giving up and will work extremely hard to ensure that you get the desired outcome. That is the exact kind of lawyer you get when you work with Marshall Defense Firm. Every single member of the team works tirelessly to protect the interests of their client, so you know that you’re in safe hands when working with them.

 Excellent Record

A lawyer is only as good as their record, and you are way better off with a lawyer who has won his previous cases than with one whose record isn’t all too pleasing. Marshall Defense Firm has an incredible record, with the client testimonials filled with words of appreciation backing that up.

With such a resume, you have every reason to choose Marshall Defense Firm to represent you in your child assault charges. In case of any inquiries, you can always give them a call or visit their offices.

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