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Why Choose A Custom Tracking Domain In Your Email Marketing Campaigns Can Make You Earn More

There are various programs that use a generic tracking domain to track all the emails that are sent through their servers by its users. The email tracking features options like email link clicks, email opens, and unsubscribed link clicks etc, which are being tracked with the help of a robust tracking domain.

Using a customized makes it easier to track down the domain which caters well to the specific needs of the businesses instead of using a default one. The default tracking domain option works well for testing purposes but it certainly has no comparison for having a customized tracking domain which caters to your specific requirements.

Benefits of Having A Customized Tracking Domain

There are numerous benefits of having a customized tracking domain instead of a default one which has been made available by the service provider. Some of the prime benefits are mentioned below;

  • When you are fighting off spam, you will learn that white-labeling has become a key criterion which ensures that the sent emails drop directly into the inbox where it is supposed to end up. A customized tracking domain, along with accurate SKIM and SPF authentication, allows businesses to make their emails completely white-labeled which help them reach out to their subscriber’s inbox rather than their spam folder. Check out more at http://track.preparedtosucceed.com/1w2ah5lo
  • A customized tracking domain also helps create an exclusive brand image with no spam footprints, with which your subscribers can easily relate to
  • Another vital benefit of having a personalized tracking domain is that it allows you to build your own rapport. The default tracking domains are being used by most of the users, particularly while testing their campaigns and even in real-time campaign delivery. This indicates that the overall sending repute of the default tracking domain is more like a conclusion of not just yours but the sending practices of your users combined. This can often affect your email delivery rates.
  • Furthermore, the visible components of the text in the email links will be branded with your domain name instead of having a default domain name, which makes your subscribers a lot more confident in opening up the emails and clicking on links in the email body as they will be able to confidently related to your brand image.

Setting up a customized tracking domain is just as simple as having a walk in the park. Make sure to follow the vital steps to have your own personalized tracking domain.

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