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White Recovery Says Traffic in London Slowly Coming Back

Lockdown has affected almost everyone’s life in different ways

Months ago there were complete lockdown shops were close, Roads were empty, Citizens were afraid to come out due to covid-19

The London Internet Exchange says that traffic on the main platform has reduced by 40% due to covid-19

As everyone has been affected by the covid-19 we all have experienced the slow pace of traffic.

The delivery of the London transport recovery plan is underway, designed to make sure and safe return of the people who live, work and the people who visit the area by walking.

The covid-19 outbreak has brought London citizens to a standstill, with road travel has dropped by 73%.

All kinds of travel are dropped in urban areas. Cycling, walking and car rides are all down by three quarters.

But over the past few weeks, London has started slowly to return to its former self.

Restaurants, Cafes, bars, and shops are expected to be open soon

Where everything is becoming normal how can we forget one of the biggest things which is Traffic?

Traffic in London is Coming Back to Normal

Months ago streets of the London were empty due to the Covid 19
Noise of the vehicles was gone and obviously, the traffic of automobiles was almost ghosted

Now things are getting better slowly so traffic in London is coming back to normal, Citizens have started to drive again on London roads which means you can also start driving your car, go to your relatives, meetings or everywhere you want to  go with your vehicle, and of course, with your mask on

Last week a considerable amount of traffic have been noticed in London

London roads have started to be occupied by Huge rush again which have also increased the rate of accidents unfortunately

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