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When you Fuse Magic with iPads and Technology You Create an Digital Magician!

iPad Magician - Digital Magician

The world is evolving. Technology is advancing. It is no wonder that someone will take this new technology and create it into an entertainment art form. Introducing, Duncan William. He is an iPad magician or digital magician.

He takes the latest technology found in an iPad, or iPhone and combines them with sleight of hand techniques and magic techniques to create a new style of magic. This is tech magic.

So what is iPad magic?

Duncan takes iPads and iPhones and proceeds to pull tennis balls out of the amazon website, or watches out of ebay or transfer photos from his iPad into a real picture frame. He also performs some other incredible feats using his iPad such as 3d ipad printing.

What kind of events should you hire a tech magician for?

Duncan and his tech magic act can be hired for conferences, trade shows, corporate events and private parties. You will often see him performing unique and customised routines which no one else on the planet performs.

He is an expert in coding apps, sleight of hand and has an intimate knowledge of technology. It is these skills, which allows him to exploit some of the lesser known attributes of an iPad or iPhone to create real mysteries of wonder.

What kind of tech tools does Duncan use?

Well, the staples of Duncan’s tech craft are of course his iPad and iPhone. That said he is often employed by clients to integrate his magic into their android devices. Previous clients include Huawei who asked for some bespoke customisation for the launch of their new Mate phone. Duncan also uses playing cards, business cards and coins and pens to demonstrate some amazing technology magic.

Bespoke technology magic.

Duncan can and does, regularly create bespoke magic for clients. This may include branding his iPhone or iPad. More detailed customised elements include create magic apps and technology to simulate pulling vouchers or giveaways out of the device as give aways at a trade show or conference. Items may include memory sticks, pens, badges, or vouchers. Duncan uses some augmented reality and other more niche programming techniques to achieve these feats.

Digital or tech magic stage show.

Duncan has created a beautiful tech and digital magic stage show which is perfect for larger audiences. This can either be a standalone show or compliment a period over the drinks reception where he may perform his close up tech or digital magic.

Using an array of technology, the stage magic feats are an assault on the senses and highly visual His show is perfect for both English speaking and international audiences.

Some previous clients.

Duncan has performed his technology magic for some recognisable brands including the aforementioned Huawei. Other brands include, Coca Cola, Speedo, Audi, Ford, Halifax and Lloyds bank and more.

One of the main reasons that Duncan is hired so frequently as a technology magician is due to his engaging and friendly personality. This compliments his powerful visual tech magic to make him the leading technology magician in the world.

To find out more about his digital magic or iPad magic, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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