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What To Consider When Choosing A Mylar Packaging Supplier

Mylar packaging is a popular choice for a variety of businesses whose products need to be delivered fresh. It’s versatile, it has absolutely fantastic durability, and its seal is so tight it can even contain aromas, so it’s no surprise it has become so popular. Whether you’re packaging cannabis, snacks, coffee, or frozen foods, there are a few considerations to keep in mind as you choose the right packaging supplier. Since manufacturers all approach package design with a unique point of view about how to achieve the best balance of features, it’s important that brand managers know how those choices may impact their products. After all, the right package for a cannabis retailer may not be the one that a coffee brand needs.

1. Printing Capabilities

What options do you have for package design? Are you limited in the number of colors or the graphical complexity of your product packaging? Is there room for all the information you need to communicate to customers? These are important questions to consider, since your packaging choices should reflect your branding in other media. That means consistent logo design and color use, as well as a consistent way of writing when you’re adding statements about your company, your ingredients, or other aspects of your product. The more options you have for bold, eye-catching package design, the easier it is to change up your approach every time you decide to refresh the brand. Digital mylar bag printing should be able to deliver any graphic design you want, in theory, but it’s worth taking a look at samples to make sure they look right for your business.

2. Shelving Options

Every mylar pouch design is a little different, so you need to make sure your supplier offers the options that work best for your shelving scheme. Printed stand up pouches are great in some situations, but what if retailers need to change up the display? Can the product be stacked or hung from pegs just as easily? Do you need it to be able to do all those things? Sometimes, versatile packaging that can be displayed any way you like costs a little more, so it’s good to have options for each product in each size you offer. That way, you can adjust your costs and product display options to suit your needs at different phases of brand growth.

3. Product Safety Features

One of the advantages of mylar packaging is its toughness. The thickness of the material matters a lot, though. Thicker packaging costs a little more, but if you’re trying to keep a tight seal while preventing damage from ripping, tearing, or punctures, it’s a must-have feature. Most mylar packaging designs can also be upgraded slightly for childproofing purposes. Between the sealed-in freshness and the childproofing, it’s no wonder so many new businesses in the cannabis industry make mylar a go-to material for product packaging. Just look for a printer who takes pride in being a child proof packaging supplier to see the options for your product. That way, you can be sure your goods are safe and sealed until the customer is ready to open them.

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