What Are The Major Printing Techniques You Should Know?

What Are The Major Printing Techniques You Should Know?

Printing has a long history not as long as the discovery of fire but pretty old. In early days printing was just a dream when humans have to write everything down word by word. Like if they have to make some copies of a book those days, they write another book word by word. Because there was no way they can copy things. But in ancient china a man comes up with an idea of block printing of sometime but that was just a limited thing because the of the Chinese alphabet characters. These Chinese alphabets were so wired and not looking good when print that this technique of printing did not make itself popular and this technology buried in time. Then in mid fifteenth century Europe a moveable type printing method was invented that was the base of modern printing. In moveable type printing they made movable metal pieces and that pieces were used with ink to make print. With the rise of colonialism and spread of Christianity printing got popular and advance. By the beginning of 20th century there were many printing houses all over the world especially in Europe and America.

Printing techniques

There are different types of printing technique available these days. Like in Canada they have different printing services in Montreal  that offer printing with different printing techniques. Different types of printing techniques were invented but now a days not all those printing services are in use today. Here are some still offered printing techniques.

Offset printing

Offset printing is the most popular method of printing when prints are needed in large numbers like books and newspapers. In offset type of printing an image of printing material image in transferred from plate to a rubber blanket then an offset transfer moves the required image to the surface of printing surface. Offset type of printing uses oil ink and water in printing process. Offset type of printing is best if you want to print some books and newspaper type mass printing. In this way this method will be inexpensive and time saving. Small quantity printing is very expensive and time taking in this process.

Digital printing

In digital printing a digital image is directly printed on a printing surface by the means of printers. Very simple example of digital printing is printing through computers, when you print an image simply by just giving command to your printer. But this type of printing is good if use in limited quantities because it is very expensive if use in large numbers.

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