What a General Contractor Do?

What a General Contractor Do?

Duties of general contractor involves day to day supervision of the construction site, vendor management and trade. General contractor has to communicate with the concerned parties and give feed back to the owner or investor. Overall general contractor is responsible for all the coordination.

First of all contractor visit the site to get the general idea about the project then he discusses his idea with the project manager and civil engineer. With all the collaboration contractor comes to the final idea then civil engineer executes that final plan after its approval with the concerned government authority. After all the approvals general contractor will place the estimated budget.

Work of General Contractor

General contractor has to provide all the material used in the construction, all the labor required for the project, necessary vehicles required in the construction and all the related things required in the construction. Contractor has to maintain proper cash flow, has to dispose of all the waste and recycling of the waste. The most important work is to maintain all the record. whenever any type of record is required it should be on one click.

The investor or the owner prefers general contractor rather to hire an employ to oversee all the matters. General contractor gives cushion to the owner in many matters like legal policy about construction, government permission about the design or the location.General contractors Orlando can help you in all services you are looking for. Impact of the project on the environment is very important general contractor will also this matter he will surely design the building that has minimal effect on the environment.

Common skills required for the general contractor are decision making, time management, communication, personal initiative, complete knowledge of computer use to make excel sheets or to use any software quite efficiently etc.

In order to build any building general contractor has to overview the plan creates by the architect and civil engineer. Next step for the general contractor is to hire his subcontractors for complete supervision of all the departments of construction. One man can only supervise one department at one time. Sub contractors helps the general contractor to supervise they submit their respective reports to the general contractor about the concerned department.

General contractor should have the basic mathematic skills to calculate estimated budget, funds required at various steps of construction, estimated time for the project. The most important skill for the general contractor which is required is the decision making power at any step, to cope with any abrupt situation during construction.

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