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Web Design Trends to Use in 2022

Your website design plays an essential role in your business. It’s where customers visit to learn more about your company and what you offer. They may also sign up for a subscription, account, newsletter, or make a purchase. So its design and content should entice users to explore more and eventually make a conversion.

Furthermore, the speed and interface are vital because they might bounce off the site if it’s too slow. The same happens when users have difficulties navigating the site or going to their desired page. Fortunately, new web design trends are expected to make it big this year. You may want to consider them for your new website or in upgrading your existing one to make it more inviting and engaging with ecommerce website design

Table of Contents

  • Local Images
  • Hero Images
  • Online Scavenger Hunts
  • One Page Website
  • Huge and Interactive Fonts
  • Website Speed

Local Images

There is an increase in the number of sites that use an image of a local destination or attraction. It gives the users a feel of the places and things they can see around the area where the business is located or where the owner is from. Even if the image is not directly associated with your products or services, it’s still related to you. It’s one way of adding a personal or human touch to your site, also building a connection with visitors.

Hero Images

A hero image is a website banner placed on top or at the centre of the homepage. It grabs the visitors’ attention immediately. Their eyes will be drawn to that, which is why you may want to put something highly valuable. For example, it could be a banner of your most popular products or services, or other relevant information, such as important pages or links.

Online Scavenger Hunts

Customers enjoy exploring an engaging website. The more you get them to stay on your site, the higher the chances of turning them into actual clients. A unique and fun way to do it is to incorporate a scavenger hunt. An experienced website design company like Expre can help you achieve that. They could have clues or riddles on one page that they may need to access content on the other page.

One Page Website

With many people always in a rush, a one-page site also makes sense. If you can put together all the necessary information on one page, it’s a web design you may want to consider. But of course, it may not be appropriate to all, especially those who need to incorporate several elements on their site.

Huge and Interactive Fonts

Big fonts are also in this year. Use them on words that you want to stand out, like titles or quotes. However, do not overdo it because it will defeat the purpose of those fonts standing out to get attention. Plus, it would not look good on your site. You may also ask your website designer to make the fonts interactive.

Website Speed

As mentioned, the site’s speed affects the visitors’ overall experience. They may leave right away if it’s slow to load or respond. To prevent this, your web designer could use images and videos not too heavy on the site.

Consider these new trends for your web design, and incorporate those that would work for you. It will make your website up to date, engaging, and inviting.

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