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Virtual Varsity – An Education in Virtual Offices

Virtual offices have a plethora of benefits. Among them is that it allows you more face time with your partners or employees. Additionally, this office style is great or start-ups or businesses with less than 10 employees. However, to maximise the benefits of the virtual office, though, professionals can take advantage of any networking events and collaborative opportunities provided through the leasing office.

Good practices for using virtual offices include organising the workspace and setting a schedule for your employees so that your business has structure. Providing structure to your virtual office will guarantee that your employees are more productive. More importantly, the best way to take advantage of your virtual office is to be knowledgeable regarding how these plans can help manage your business. Check the Servcorp London office at  to read more about the flexibility of the virtual office.

Keep reading below to learn more about virtual offices and how they can help you move closer to your business goals.

Office Layout

Most virtual offices work by allowing the professional to lease the use of office space. In a common set up, the lease would allow the business the use of conference and meeting rooms and private offices, depending on the lease agreement. In addition, the business would be given a professional address, a dedicated phone number, mail services, IT services, utilities and cable, in addition to office equipment. What’s fantastic about the plan is that because you do not use these rooms on a daily basis, you are only charged for the days that you do. All of this translates into an affordable, flexible lease that allows you to pay-as-you-go.

Leasing Terms

The leasing terms for the virtual office are pretty flexible, depending on the leasing company you contract with. For the most part, the leases tend to be a little shorter, only asking renters to commit to a minimum of a month, compared with conventional office leases, which can ask you to commit to at least one year. What’s more, many of the leases only ask for one month’s deposit. In terms of start-up costs, the virtual office is a much more affordable option to conventional leasing


The flexibility of the virtual office lease is varied. For one, it allows businesses to more easily and efficiently expand their operations or relocate, if necessary. For example, let’s say you open an educational consulting business, and the first two or three years, your business has grown to over 20 employees. Usually, business owners would search for another office, taking anywhere from 9-12 months. However, the virtual office is the perfect way for a business to transition into a larger space, as your lease only need be modified.

If you decide to relocate or test out new markets, some of the contracts are transferable, so it would only be a matter of you notifying the leasing office of this change in the lease. This works well for businesses who need to relocate internationally because it alleviates the hassles of having to look for suitable office space in a country you might not be familiar with. Furthermore, when you do get to your new location, you can spend most of your time taking care of business.

Other Advantages

The virtual office has many advantages outside of those related to the use of office space. For one, regardless of the leasing agreement, many of these office solutions also hold events that encourage professionals to network. In addition, the locations of many of these offices are in some of the most prestigious business districts, which gives your business credibility. Finally, the IT services are some of the most secure and reliable.

Knowing What To Expect In Your Virtual Office

The variety of uses for your virtual office all depend on your business’s needs. This office style allows you the freedom to make use of the space without having to rent an entire building. More importantly, this office style gives you the flexibility to be mobile and to grow as your business does.

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