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Using the NPS Score Survey Form To Track & Gauge Customer Steadfastness

If you’ve a product or service that you wish to promote online as well as find out how popular your ware is with existing customers, then the NPS or Net Promoter Score survey tool would be your best bet. This tool is actually a web-based questionnaire that you mail to all your customers and prospects basically to collect feedback about your brand. This survey form asks questions like “How would you rate the product in terms of its utility, on a scale of 1-10?” or “Do you find our service good enough to be recommended to a relative or friend?”

The final NPS score of a customer is calculated after tabulating the ratings for all the answered questions. This survey form can be personalized for incorporating follow-through questions to get additional information pertaining to age, religion, nationality, and gender that businesses can analyze for commercial purposes. A big plus of this polling tool is that it can be integrated with a wide variety of web-oriented apps.

We are all living in the ‘Information Age’ where there is a glut of statistics in the form of facts and figures in every sphere of life. That technological evolution in each and every aspect of our lives is sweeping can be observed from the all-embracing computerization as well as digitization of communication and information dissemination processes. When you want to find out information that you are looking for, from somebody who is a complete stranger, you break the ice by starting a casual conversation on a general topic.

But what would you do if you’ve an online business of supplying computer parts and offering repairing/maintenance services where you need to ask questions to umpteen people or customers? Designing an online survey or quiz form featuring attractive visual imageries, riveting illustrations, and engaging text (questions) that is companionable with handheld or tabletop devices is perhaps the best way of interacting with users or customers invisible to you. Typeform is a leading ‘online form builder’ platform that comes to your aid when you need to fashion a contact form or registration form, market survey or wedding invitation form for gathering data, collecting payments, or mailing newsletters.

More often than not when or whenever you go online for placing an order, forwarding a payment or simply for finding preliminary information, you are required to fill up a form. And this is where Typeform comes in perfectly handy for everybody and anybody who has an e-commerce site to manage as the portal lists almost every kind of survey or poll form you can imagine. Job application form, 360˚feedback form, emergency contact form, self-evaluation form, event registration form, customer feedback form-you name it, internet offers it.

The site can help you out with not only on how to create a user-friendly form but also aid you in making the survey or questionnaire more engaging through customized add-ons like developer tools and APIs.

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