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University of Phoenix’s Logan Logsdon on Time Management Tips for Dads in School

For fathers enrolled in school, balancing the demands of parenting and academia can be challenging. But despite the expansive to-do lists of errands to run and assignments to submit, parenting and earning an education have more in common than you might realize. Fatherhood and student life both require a great deal of responsibility, initiative and above all else, time management.

From the perspective of Logan Logsdon, University of Phoenix graduate and father to three sons, going back to school mattered more because of his family. “The more kids I had, the more impassioned I was to make a good life for them,” explained Logsdon. He graduated from University of Phoenix with a bachelor’s degree one year after having his first son, Landon. Two years later, Logan returned to the University to earn a Master of Arts in Education, which he completed in April 2021.

Logsdon is proud to have juggled work, school and a growing family despite the trials and tribulations of his academic journey. His story is a testament to how student-fathers can efficiently manage their time without a detriment to their family. Here are some tips Logsdon learned from various experts, or through trial and error, to master time management and complete his education.

Tip #1: Do Not Neglect your Health, Especially Your Diet

Did you know that poor nutrition can be linked to issues with focus? Paying close attention to your health, especially your diet, can help you stay on track with your home and school responsibilities. Logsdon admitted to struggling to make healthy eating choices throughout his life. He recalled that he “was always into fitness and working out” but “was never good at nutrition.” Fortunately, making more conscious decisions surrounding his diet helped Logsdon break his poor eating habits and turn over a new leaf.

Inadequate nutrition can also jeopardize more than your attention span. Logsdon found that making poor eating choices also contributed to dwindling energy and motivation levels. As a consequence, he struggled to accomplish everything on his to-do list each day. Instead, Logsdon now opts for more low-carb options including fruits and vegetables. By improving his own diet, he is now also more mindful of ways to improve his children’s nutrition.

Tip #2: Expect the Unexpected

Logsdon believes that “as a father, you have to be ready for situations when the kids won’t be able to go to school or daycare.” For fathers with young children enrolled in school, a little preparation can go quite a long way. Plus, all of us could benefit from expecting the unexpected, especially after this past year.

Because of obligations at home, Logsdon and all student-fathers have more to look out for if the status quo changes. This especially rings true when factoring in the financial cost of earning an education. Logsdon explained that the pandemic severely impacted his family financially, requiring him and his wife to alter their financial mindset completely. One way to prepare for the unexpected, especially regarding financial planning, is to have a series of emergency plans in place well ahead of time. That can include a shortlist of people to call when you need an extra set of hands or starting a new savings account for later when your family needs more financial support.

Tip #3: Form a Routine

All in all, time management matters because of how academic achievements can impact your livelihood. For student-fathers, this means realizing how your degree will better your children. Of course, juggling these two commitments may still come with difficulty. Fortunately, forming a routine can help.

Logsdon found that when he first went back to University of Phoenix for his master’s degree program, he struggled to live in the moment. To better understand the people around him, he committed to establishing a schedule that worked for each family member. Logsdon makes time for both his children and his studies by setting aside hours in the late afternoon or early evening to enjoy his family and designates time later in the evening for his studies.

By making these schedule adjustments, Logsdon noticed that it is “a conscious effort to make it happen the way you strive to make it happen.” But because he formed a routine, he maintained consistency among his priorities and successfully adjusted to his new normal.

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