Unique Way Of Decorating Car’s Interior With D-Wings Auto

Unique Way Of Decorating Car’s Interior With D-Wings Auto

D-Wings Auto comes into a sleek design

D-Wing auto especially designed for cords inside cars in an attractive, matt texture. D-Wings auto clips hold cords to navigate it to the systems, phone chargers, tape recorders, speakers and auxiliary cables. The cords hold and chargers in set around its curves and edges so avoid it from untangled and disorganized. When there is a unique cable clips are there to provide you easy solution with stylish look to fix all the required installation the car. Why don’t we beautify our car this year to get maximum praise??

Nail-free cord clips for automobiles      

This innovative Star Force .com product brings an amazing way to guide cords to the desired area without any hassle. Now, you can put up the favorite cord clips in your car without any trouble. As the trend rises, people are more inclined to the subtle and elegant look of the cords. The stick and stay methodology is widely appreciated and people are admiring and installing them into their cars.

Equipped with High Bond Foam Tape

The design is specially planned keeping the needs and requirement of the automobiles. As car travels and covered a distance on high and low road with different heat intensity so interior should be guaranteed and has capacity to bear heat. Keeping in view this need, D-wings auto equipped with high bond 3M foam tape that has a capacity of bearing high temperature up to 160 F.

Setting up Process is Simple

The setting up process is as simple as it using it. The foremost step to clean and dry the surface area to make sure the dirt is not on the desired area and gently pressed down the slit. To peel off the tape liner and glued on a clean surface increases the probability of its stay. The reason behind emphasizing on the cleaning surface area is dirt works as a barrier between the glued cord and the surface area.  D-Wings auto fixed in 30 second firmly and wait 15 minutes before inserting cords to seek better results.

Popular among people of its simple look            

The reason behind its popularity is its easy adjustable technique and simple design with a fashionable look. As, it is a common required cord in the automobile and its easy hassle free installing attract people to give chic elegance look to the car’s interior.

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