Tips to Start Your Own Transportation Company

Transportation Company

If you plan to start your own transportation company, then this post is for you.

According to the dictionary, Transportation is the act of transporting someone or something or the process of being transported. Transportation is the movement of goods, humans, and animals from one location. Transportation is important for human survival thus it is necessary to highlight the history of transportation before revealing these tips. Transportation among humans started from walking, running and swimming which facilitated the migratory characteristics of humans during the Stone Age period.

After the agricultural revolution, human beings began to domesticate animals and used them as a means of transporting their farm produce and their selves. Other means of transportation emerge such as water transportation which allowed the movement of large groups of individuals and produces through the sea using ships and canoes. The water transport system was the only means of transporting a large number of individuals and goods prior to the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution of the 19th century allowed the creation of cars powered by an engine, the movement by humans by air through the airplane. It also gave birth to rail transportation which provides faster and large transportation of goods and humans than other transport systems. As of that time, ships and large vessels were the only means of transporting large quantities of goods and humans but the introduction of the rail system changed the entire transport system. Few capitalists who owned vessels and ships during the era saw the opportunities in the rail system and immediately sold off all their ships and began buying trains. The transportation system has gone through the various form of revolution and our modern society have seen the emergence of electric trains, cars, buses, trucks, automated ships, aircraft etc.

We humans transport ourselves and our goods every day through the historical method of transportation, and through modern machines such as car, airplane, jet, electric train, busses, etc. In the United States, people commonly travel through automobile for short distance trip, airplane for long distance trip, railroad, truck etc.  The transportation sector is controlled by both the federal and state government. The United State Department of Transportation provides regulation, supervision, and funding except for customs, security, and immigration. The sector consists of several companies who are specialized in the movement of people, goods, and services. These companies have a different interest in the sector ranging from logistics, airlines, marine, railroads, and automobile. Some of the transportation companies in the USA include FedEx, Blume Global, Verst logistics, SCR Air, Ally Logistics, Airgas and Amerigold. Some in the UK include David Watson Transport Ltd, Fleet directory, Logistics UK. These companies focus either on the movement of goods, produce, infrastructure or people. This reflects the wide range of opportunities to explore in the Transportation Sector. Below are the initial steps toward building your own transportation company.


The first tip is to perform research. It is important that you do some research about the area you want to explore. You need to make a research to identify a niche for your company in the industry. It also allows you to identify the things needed to start operation, to have an insight and understanding of the market, the audience and most importantly the cost to run.

Funding and Investments

After doing research, you can seek for investment. The amount of investment needed to depend on the service your transportation company offers.  If it is a trucking company, investors can make investments of $10,000 and $20,000. In situations where you are unable to get investments, you obtain loans or find a partner to start.

Licenses and Permits

To start a company licenses such as business license, air and water pollution control permit, state licenses etc. Depending on when the company would be located, this permits varies. You should seek the help of a legal professional through the process to meets the needed requirements.

Study the Competitions

Before launching into the market, take a thorough study on the market. Identify competitions and their weakness and find a unique way your business can stand out.

Business plan

A business plan is a writing document containing business goals, methods to achieve them and time frame. It good to have a business plan for your business, this plan will outline your business model, how you want to acquire finance, your sales, and advertising method. The aim of the business plan is to ensure that the company is successful.

Acquire a Physical Space

Get a physical space for your company, this office or building would serve as an identity for your company and give your clients a sense of confidence in your company.


Due to the nature of running a transportation company, you need to get insurance to cover for sudden damages and losses that may evolve during the course of your company registration.

Hire employees and get started

The Final Tip is to hire employees and begin operation. These employees may need to go through some kind of training or orientation to ensure that they have an understanding of their duties and tasks

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