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Tips For Measuring The Productivity Levels Of Employees

Before you start on your quest to measure the productivity of your employees, it is best to speak with them first and determine a standard to compare each employee’s productivity to. Some of the ways that you can measure productivity are by:

How Many Sales They Make

So, a highly productive employee would make a high number of sales.

Now, you would have to consider how you’ll measure. For example, you can figure out how many sales you want each employee to make every month. Then, you use this number as a benchmark to compare their actual sales numbers every month.

We will now look at an example. You may want every employee to make 100 calls every month which result in 20 contacts and end with 10 sales. However, if you have an employee that makes 120 calls but they only end up getting 5 sales for the month, then they are not meeting your standard. However, if you have an employee who only calls 80 people for the month but they generate 15 sales, then they are exceeding your standard.

Goal Measurement

In order to have high productivity then the goals met need to also be high.

Now, how would you go about measuring that? You can figure out how many goals your employees would need to achieve every month and then you look at their actual results in comparison to it. See here a tool that will help you to manage employee goals effectively.

How to Solve Low Employee Productivity in the Workplace


Another good indication that you have highly productive employees is if you have high profits.

Profit measurement: You should determine how much you want your company to profit on a yearly basis. So, once you actually achieve it or go beyond it, then your employees are highly productive. In the event that your actual profits are lower then this then it means that productivity is low.

Measurements Of The Quantity Of Work Done

When a lot of tasks have been done, then this shows high productivity.

But, how do you go about measuring that? Well, simply figure out how many tasks you want to be done by each employee on a weekly basis. Then, you look at the actual figures every month.

Measurements Of The Quality Of Work Done

Once all of your projects are done in a high quality fashion, then this indicates high productivity.

How is this measured? Basically, you will need to figure out the elements that define a particular project and what determines the quality and success of that project. Then, you look at all the projects completed that fulfill these parameters. If you have a project for the development of a particular app, then this would be seen as being successful if the app is completed, fully functional and meets all of the requirements of the client. The client should also be fully satisfied with it.

Measurement Of Time Spent

When there is less time being spent on a project, this shows high productivity.

This is measured by determining estimates for the amount of time it will take for each task in the project. This can then be used to figure out an estimated time that it will take before the project is finished and you can deliver to your client. Make sure that you tell your employees to track and record the amount of time they take on each task. Once the tasks and project are completed before your projections, then this shows your team was highly productive.

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