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The Top Aspects You Should Remember when Selecting a Serviced Office

If you have decided to take advantage of a serviced office, you are not alone. More entrepreneurs and business owners are choosing a serviced office over a traditional lease because it gives them more flexibility and it contributes to a lot of savings as well. Apart from this, serviced offices come with a plethora of facilities and amenities, from cleaning and maintenance to 24/7 security to staffed reception areas and communications facilities that are ready as soon as you move in. But not all serviced offices are built the same, even though most have general features, so how can you choose one that’s just the right fit for your requirements? Here are the top aspects you should remember when selecting a serviced office.

Consider its Responsiveness to Volatility and Growth

When looking at serviced offices, think about their responsiveness to volatility and growth. What if you have to add more desks or workstations or you need a bigger space in a few weeks? The facility should be able to adapt to your needs as you grow, and the opposite should work as well if you need to reduce your space. The serviced office should provide you with flexibility in its contract length as well. The good news is that this pay-as-you-go concept is a standard among many serviced office providers, but it pays to choose one which can also provide you with other services such as administrative support, maintenance, and so on.

Think About its Location and Connectivity

You don’t just need a serviced office with good amenities and allows for more flexibility – you also need to think about its location and connectivity. Your location can make a difference because you want to be located where your potential and existing clients can have access to you. It would also be wise to consider the location in terms of access to railway and tube links as well as airports and bus links. Even though a vast majority of people are already working from home, it still pays to have an office that’s well-connected and centrally positioned. A good location also speaks well about your business, such as the office space to rent in Manchester offered by Cariocca Enterprises – with a prime spot, you can attract more customers and impress those who visit you.

Additionally, find a location that fits your niche and industry. What type of industry are you in? Some locations, for example, are associated with technology, whilst others are more artistically-inclined and creative. It is also worth thinking about how close you are to other businesses and even your competitors.

Look Closely at its Design

The design and layout of the workspace are also a big consideration, and factors like lighting and architecture play a more central role nowadays. These details can make a difference – for example, natural light can affect productivity and health. You also want to think about the impact of the space’s design on your company branding – does it give the right impression to your potential clients? The design of the building is also worth noting; if it has a contemporary design, does it work well with your brand? Or would you rather have a building with a traditional appeal? Once you consider these aspects, it will be easier to make your best choice.

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