The Surprising Number of Foreign Investors Associated with the Premier League

Most of us view the Premier League as a decidedly English entity. Often referred to as the top tier of domestic football, this sector has generated countless billions of pounds over the years in terms of revenue. However, we should also remember that football (much like any other sport) is a very real business. It therefore represents a potentially lucrative investment opportunity for those anyone possesses the passion, the knowledge and the capital. It also just so happens that many of those who choose to invest in the Premiere League are not always English citizens. Let’s take a look at some foreign investors to develop a better appreciation for just how diverse this sport has become.

Silver Lake

Although the name of this organisation seems to hint that it is located within the United Kingdom, it is actually based out of Abu Dhabi. Silver Lake already has stakes in a host of well-known sports sectors such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). This firm also believes that technology will play an increasingly important role in sports; especially when referring to digital entertainment options. Silver Lake has therefore become directly involved with Manchester City; currently owning an impressive ten per cent of the club.

Roman Abramovich

Anyone who regularly follows the Premiere League is likely already aware of the influence that Roman Abramovich has had upon Manchester United and the sport as a whole. This Russian investor was an owner for more than 20 years and many feel that he exerted an incredibly positive influence over the team’s performance. Indeed, even former defender Gary Neville claims that foreign investment has helped the entire league become even more competitive in recent times. Although Abramovich was essentially forced to step down as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, few would deny the impact that he has had upon the Premier League as a whole.

Kroenke Sports & Entertainment

Wagering enthusiasts are always keen to leverage the latest online betting bonuses and rewards. While the ultimate goal is to turn a profit, such a desire also arises from their sheer passion for the sport itself. This is often the perspective adopted by outside investors who wish to generate a side hustle while still supporting their favourite teams. Americans have also begun to appreciate the benefits of such a tactic. Kroenke Sports & Entertainment is a prime example.

Stan Kroenke became interested in Arsenal FC as far back as 2007 and his financial stake in the club gradually increased over the years. It was finally announced in 2018 that his total holdings represented more than 90 per cent of all shares; enabling Kroenke Sports & Entertainment to represent the largest shareholder of Arsenal. This firm is also involved in other sectors including basketball, American football and e-sports.

Foreign investment throughout the Premier League has enabled the teams themselves to gain international recognition and perhaps more importantly, such a strategy provides additional liquidity that benefits the entire sport.

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