The Secrets to Creating A Safe Online Learning Environment for Kids

Online learning and distant classes have become a norm of modern-age schooling, especially post-COVID-19 pandemic. With ever-increasing digital threats and the rising number of issues linked with excessive screen time, it is not shocking to see parents seek software solutions with the best parental control for iPhone and Android devices. That is because all parents wish to create a safer learning environment for their kids, online or otherwise. Let’s look at some of the most credible digital threats kids face nowadays.

The Need to Ensure Kids’ Online Safety

The popularity of platforms like Zoom, Google Classroom, Skype, etc., skyrocketed with the advent of online schooling during the recent pandemic. Though the built-in security features of these platforms helped instructors prevent/avert the issues like cyberbullying, racial comments, etc. But keeping kids focused on the lesson is something every instructor and parent struggles with to this day.

Here are a few secrets to creating a safe and distraction-free online learning environment for kids, especially if you get help from a parental app with the FamilyTime parental control for iPhone.

The 4-Step Guide to Creating A Safe Online Learning Environment for Kids

Most parents would agree that the biggest hurdle between students and active learning is distractions caused by external stimuli in their immediate vicinity, e.g., buzzing of phones, screens, toys, TV, social media, etc. Parents can minimize most of these issues using a parental app with the best parental control for iPhone and Android devices, such as FamilyTime. Let’s see how it can help parents create an online learning environment for kids that is safe and fosters their skills.

1. Minimize Distractions

FamilyTime offers the Screen Time Limit feature to help parents eliminate all digital distractions from their children’s immediate learning environment. Parents can restrict kids’ access to screens when it is time for them to attend their classes online. They can also ensure that kids focus entirely on their studies by preventing them from accessing games or unnecessary websites during study hours.

2. Limit Screen Time to Foster Productivity

Parents can set up their kids’ study hours, meal times, bedtime, etc., remotely from their parental device with FamilyTime’s Screen Time Schedule feature. It allows parents to set ground rules so kids know when they must study and how much time they can spend with screens, thereby increasing their overall productivity.

3. Restrict Access to Inappropriate Sites/Apps/Games

Are you concerned that your kids may secretly play games or access social media during online classes? Parents can easily block kids’ access to apps, games, and social media platforms during class times using FamilyTime’s App BlockerYouTube & TikTok Monitoring, and Web Filter features.

4. Provide Protection Against Cyber Threats

Cyber threats like cyberbullying, racism, phishing attacks, viruses, revealing kids’ personal info online, etc., are quite common on web platforms. If you suspect your kids may get victimized by any of these cyber threats, you can use FamilyTime’s Call & Text Monitoring feature to protect kids.

The best part of this feature is that parents can preserve their kids’ privacy. FamilyTime combs through kids’ conversations and looks for any words or phrases relevant to issues like cyberbullying, racism, suicidal ideation, etc. Parents receive instant notifications so they can intervene if needed.

Kids’ learning capacity and attention span deteriorate severely in the absence of a proper learning environment paired with unsupervised screen time. Let’s explore how badly they affect kids’ ability to learn and focus.

The Effects of Excessive Screen Time on Kids’ Learning Ability

Excessive screen time may lead to technology or gaming addiction, in addition to impeding kids’ learning capacity and decreasing their attention span. Kids prosper in an environment where they are valued and encouraged.

That is why parents need help to create a safe online learning environment for their kids, and FamilyTime makes it swift and easy. It goes above and beyond in aiding parents, which is why it is considered the best parental control for iPhone and Android devices. Enhance your kids’ attention span and help them learn better with FamilyTime in your corner.

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