The Role of the Copy Machine in the Digital Age

It seems that everything today has shifted to a digital format. Videos and pictures are almost never shot using film anymore. Documents are created, shared, and edited through the cloud. Even shopping is done with a digital shopping cart nowadays. With everything going digital, does something like a copy machine still have a place in your office? Keep reading to learn about their new role, and why you still need a copy machine in Anchorage, AK.

More Than A Copier

Copiers have adapted to the new digital age quite well by becoming more multi-functional. Even just a decade ago, it wasn’t uncommon for an office to have separate printers, copiers, and scanners. Now, all of that functionality is bundled into one machine. Thanks to high-tech scanning capabilities, many copy machines can now actually be a help in going digital with your documents.

You can use your machine to scan in physical documents and save them to digital files so that they’re more easily accessible, more shareable, and less likely to get lost or destroyed. When considering whether or not you really need a copy machine in your office, remember that your machine is likely more than just a copier.

There’s Always Paperwork

The fact of the matter is, no matter how digitized your office may be, there’s always going to be some physical paperwork you have to deal with. Many HR and tax documents, for example, are still delivered in physical format. Or, you may have clients who still prefer to handle physical paperwork over digital forms; when they deliver these documents to you, you can make a copy for them and/or scan the originals into your digital files for safe keeping.

Catering To All Employees

It’s not just your customers who might prefer physical paperwork—some of your employees may prefer this as well. Some studies have indicated that people retain more information when reading on paper than on a screen. So, for those employees in your office that feel they can learn better with a physical copy, you can print, copy, and distribute as needed, while still providing digital copies for those that prefer the easier access of a screen.

Despite the prevalence of digitizing information in today’s world, there’s still plenty of paperwork out there, and plenty of reasons that your office needs a copier in Anchorage, AKWith its multiple uses and the continuing demand for physical documents, it’s unlikely that copy machines will be disappearing any time soon.

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