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The Best Way to Design a Roller Banner for Your Business: Top Things to Know

Roller banners have been in wide use for decades, and the roll-up banner has helped many a business promote its offerings and gain more exposure in various settings – be it at a trade show or exhibit, a concert, a bazaar, or even just on a standard pavement where passersby can see the banner and understand its message. Roller banners are versatile and handy, and they are long-lasting and durable, which makes them an ideal tool to get your message across. But designing an effective one is a different matter from merely having one for your business, so here’s the best way to design a roller banner: the top things you should know and remember.

Place your Company Logo on top for Everyone to see

The top portion of your roller banner will be easily noticeable, and it makes sense to place your company log on top. After this, you can place pertinent details or info that your readers can understand. You can then put your main or primary message at the viewer’s eye level, and this will also grab their attention.

Consider the ‘Top to Bottom’ and ‘left to right’ Advantage

We all read from the top to the bottom and left to right of a page – and your viewers will be no different. The flow of info you have on your roller banner should follow the same construct and concept. In other words, have your most important information follow this format. And here’s another tip: try not to cram your roller banner with too many details. You can provide all the details your customers need once you have already attracted their attention with the use of brochures and leaflets as well as tabletop banners.

Priorities the Quality of the Images you Choose

The images you use for your roller banner will also make a big difference, so it’s always best to make sure they are high-quality. The images make up a big portion of your banner, after all – and it pays to make sure they look good, as Harveyboard Print & Digital, a skilled printer in Stockport attests. If you already have images, make sure that they are saved under CMYK or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black instead of RGB. The resolution of your images should also be at 300 dots/inch. Your chosen printing service will confirm this and may even help you choose the best ones.

Colors are Critical but Select Wisely

Professional printers will always tell you that colours are critical – but you also have to select your colours wisely. Your chosen colours should complement each other and blend in with your company colours. They should also complement your logo. The background colour of your roller banner, for example, will have an impact on how viewers ‘see’ your company logo. Grey and black are more serious, while you can use orange and red (and other bright colours) to grab attention and encourage contact.

Be Careful with Spacing and Text

Another aspect you should remember is the spacing, and this goes hand in hand with the text as well. The arrangement of the letters on your roller banner and the type you choose should be easy to read and visually appealing. When choosing the type, think about your logo’s type, too, and make sure it’s complementary and doesn’t clash.

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