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The Best Small Food And Drink Businesses In The North East

If you are looking for authentic, British food and drink from some of the North East’s best small food and drink businesses, then you are in for a treat! We have put together a list of British owned and operated businesses who know how to keep their customers satisfied. While not comprehensive, as the North East is home to hundreds of notable small businesses, our list gives you an idea of what to expect from this important region here in the UK.

 Food And Drink

From delectable sweets and tempting savory foods, to spirits that are perfect for any occasion, these North East small food and drink businesses are truly the best of the best! Let’s stop talking about it then and get started!

6 Of The Best Small Food And Drink Businesses In The North East

Best Small Batch Food Business

Hungry Squirrel- with a wide range of wholesome and delicious nut butters, you would have to be nuts not to try the Hungry Squirrel. Offering artisan nut butters in small shops throughout the UK, the Hungry Squirrel is an Aberdeen favourite. Be sure to try their Almond Espresso Butter!

Best Distillery

Alnwick Rum Company- recently featured at the Living North Live event, the Alnwick Rum Company offers some of the UK’s finest premium and flavoured rums. Located on Holy Island, the Alnwick Rum Company can ship spirits throughout the UK.

Best Pet Food Business

Bella-D’s Tasty Dog Treats- we can’t forget our lovable four-legged friends now, can we? Bella-D’s Tasty Dog Treats makes delicious homemade treats for both dogs and cats. From biscuits and muffins, to liver fudge, mutt loaf and more, everything Bella-D’s makes uses ingredients that are free from additives, wheat and gluten.

Best Baked Goods

Brownie Bar- since 2010, the Brownie Bar has created some of the North East’s favourite chocolate brownies and white chocolate blondies. With more flavours than any of us really need (can there really be too many brownies?), Sarah and Rachael are always baking up something delicious. With something for everyone, you are sure to find a favourite of your own!

Best Pizza

Dough It Yourself- for all of your DIYers and home chefs out there, Dough It Yourself offers a wide range of artisan pizza bases and sauces which let you create your own masterpiece at home. Purchase Dough It Yourself pizza kits at your local market, or order online and have it delivered fresh to your door.

Best Bangers Around (Seriously!)

Geordie Banger Company- handmade on the banks of the River Tyne, the Geordie Banger Company’s full range of mouthwatering sausages are perfect for any meal or special occasion. When friends and neighbours know that you’re cooking Geordie Bangers, they’ll be right over!

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