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The Best Places to Run a Growing Business From

Are you thinking about starting or expanding your business? While many successful companies start at the kitchen table, you need to have some sort of plan as to where your business should move from when it begins to grow. A growing business has many needs and you will have to think carefully about how you can meet them. Here are some of the best places you can run your growing company from.

Your Garage

You would not believe the number of successful, global brands which started their lives in their founder’s garage or basement. This is a brilliant idea for anyone who wants to keep their business close at hand without actually having it in their home.

Having your company occupy a room in your house can be difficult as it makes it difficult for you to create a separation between the business and your spaces for relaxation. What’s more, your family will have full access to your work environment which might not be ideal if you are completing some sort of manufacturing process and you have small children.

It is instead better if you can place the business in some sort of outbuilding like a garage or somewhere which is wholly removed from the living spaces of your home like a basement can be. You will find this to be much more beneficial and productive than if you were blurring the lines between work and home.

A Self-Storage Unit

If you only need a small space – say for either manufacturing or sorting goods for shipping – then you may find that a self-storage unit is the perfect space for you to expand into. One of the greatest advantages of business storage options is that you can do pretty much anything with them so long as they conform to some general health and safety protocols from the building.

Running out of room at home for your jewellery business? A self-storage unit might offer you the flexibility and extra space you need to create. If you opt for one close to town, it might also be convenient if you have a lot of parcels and orders to send out. See what options are available for you near to a post office or a delivery company; it might be cheaper than if you were to arrange a pick-up from a faraway location.

A Dedicated Office Space

Once you are in the position to hire a few staff members, it might be time for you to start looking at renting dedicated office spaces. From blank offices waiting for you to put your mark on them to hot desks in shared spaces, there are plenty of options a growing company could choose.

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Make sure you research what options are available to you fully and try to find something which fits your needs. You might not be able to afford a full office just yet so a coworking space might be better until you have built the company up enough to afford your own space.

You also need to think carefully about where you want the office to be. Most small companies cannot afford a full building themselves and instead rent a room or two inside a much larger building. This could not just give you the space you need, but it could also lead you to making some valuable connections with other businesses which help you further in the life of your company.

Moving the company to a new location is always going to be an exciting milestone but you need to keep a cool head while doing it. Make sure that the needs of the company are being met perfectly before you commit to anything.

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