The Benefits Of Using An External It Company

The Benefits Of Using An External It Company

Running a successful business is not an easy thing to do, especially if you are dependent on your IT systems. Even though technology has enabled any savvy organisation to increase capacity and improve productivity, there is always a danger that things could go wrong.

As a result, your company might not be able to serve customers as effectively and you could even lose out on vital business. While some enterprises will have dedicated members of staff to deal with these kinds of problems, keeping up with such a growing responsibility can be incredibly difficult.

Therefore, it is no surprise that more and more organisations across Northern Ireland are starting to outsource their IT requirements to specialist local companies like ProNetwork Solutions. But if you want to use such a company for technical support and ongoing consultancy, how can you identify the advantages up front?

Benefits of an external IT company in Northern Ireland

Enlisting the services of such a local companymeans your business can take advantage of the time, pain and money that is released from tricky IT issues! The major benefits are as follows:

  • Receive expert industry insight – With a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff, they can provide you with expert insights into the latest IT developments and how they might benefit you. If you are simply relying on your own staff then they might miss a trick. Keeping on top of all the latest developments in IT is what sets a good external IT support company apart form a poor one!
  • Keep a lid on IT expenses – Managing IT in-house often means you will be presented with unexpected repair bills or upgrade invoices. But with a skilled external IT services supplier, you can normally pay on demand or via a fixed monthly contract.
  • Save time and money – Your employees won’t be wasting their time on trying to find the right solution because your new supplier will be on hand to quickly rectify any problems. You can re-allocate staff from time-consuming and often complex IT issues to far more productive tasks!
  • Enhance business performance – Tell them what you want to achieve and they will suggest appropriate upgrades to enhance business performance and meet your overall objectives.
  • Keep threats at bay – Make sure that your chosen external IT company keeps your security defences tight through the use of antivirus software, email filtering, mobile device encryption, and a whole host of other protective measures.
  • Allow you to focus on other areas – If you no longer need to worry about managing your IT, you can concentrate on giving other crucial areas of the business more time and attention. Do what you do best, use your skills to drive business and revenues forward, leave the tricky technical stuff to the experts.
  • Minimise potential downtime – Should you suffer from any unexpected issues or problems, you IT company will be able to do everything to minimise potential downtime and get you back up and running again quickly.

Where to get IT company support in Northern Ireland

Belfast based ProNetwork Solutionswere founded on more than a decade of experience in Northern Ireland’s IT market and have a mission to enhance their customers activity through the delivery of reliable and cost-effective IT solutions.

Although a great many Northern Irish businesses choose to outsource their IT requirements, some support firms will sell on commission or schedule repairs during unsuitable hours. But at ProNetwork Solutions, they only use a select few trusted brands and complete installations at a time that suits you.

Their wide range of services includesinitial IT consultancy, hardware support such as new servers and desktops, disaster recovery and network infrastructure.

Software services include antivirus and antispyware software, software development, web design and hosting, email filtering, and security.

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