The Benefits of Having Games in The Workplace

Today many larger companies with bigger office spaces are filling their space with various types of games. These differ from more sport orientated games such as ping pong and pool, to more still standing games such as video and arcade type games. The placements of these games have in the office many benefits to the working environment and the workers within it.

This article will outline the main benefits that can come out of investing in having games within your workspace and how it can help stimulate the minds of your employees.

What Games Are Ideal for an Office:

There are various different types of games which you can place in the work environment to benefit your employees and their wellbeing. Games that are more sport orientated such as table tennis and table football are brilliant for office based jobs due to the fact it gets staff members up onto their feet, as opposed to sitting down at their computer.

However there are other games that do not rely on being active that can be placed within a working environment. One of these examples is a bartop arcade machine. Not only are these slightly more relaxing, they also only require one player in most cases, meaning you do not have to rely on dragging another team member away from their work.

You can however still generate healthy competition with one of these due to the fact that some of the games use a highscore board. This means you can compete against each other to get the highscore, and even make up an award for the best performance.

Increases Motivation:

For most people working nine to five with very little breaks can lead to a loss of focus and a lack of motivation to the task at hand. And if you are not motivated to do something, not only is it going to make the job harder, it is also going to make it not very enjoyable.

By having the option to take short breaks away from your work when necessary, and having the ability to focus your mind on something else can make your job less tedious, as well as giving you more motivation to get back to work. This increase in motivation also allows for an increase in the drive and productivity of employees.

Boosts Teamwork Skills:

Games such as ping pong and table football are perfect games to get multiple people involved and work together in teams against each other. They help bring the members of the team together and are a perfect ice breaker for newer, more shy members of staff.

Being the newest member of the office can be difficult, it can be awkward, and difficult to feel like you fit in among people who have been working together for longer. By using these games as a way of bonding allows for them to be able to work better together and feel as though they fit in more.

The other side to helping build up teamwork skills among employees is the healthy competition that comes with some of these games. For larger companies that are made up of more than one department the use of games can also help stimulate healthy competition between these as well. In some cases you can bring prizes and awards into this to make it more interesting and competitive.

Separates Work from Relaxing:

In most cases these game areas are kept in a separate section of the office, away from people working to limit the distraction. Not only does it limit the distraction caused by other employees having a game, it also separates your place of work to a place to relax and have fun.

In offices where there is not a separate place to take your breaks, a games area is ideal. This is due to the fact that by leaving your desk for your break you can fully switch off and disconnect from your work, allowing you to relax more. People who stay at their desk on their lunch break are more likely to carry on thinking about work.

These areas can be made comfier with bean bags and comfy chairs, all which help with the mental reset that employees need before they return to their desk for the rest of the day.

Attracts Future Employees:

Having a designated games area to your office that looks fun will become a unique selling point for your company when it comes to employing new team members. When bringing a potential employee through the office this will be something that stands out. It will also portray that as a company you care about the well being of your staff members.

Overall this will be a factor that helps make people want to work for you, which will benefit the company in the long run.

To Summarise

To conclude, looking into investing in various types of games in your working environment can have many benefits for your employees, including their wellbeing, as well as improving their motivation to their job. It also helps develop team working skills and the relationship between the staff members.

More motivated employees are more likely to perform better which means that it will have a positive impact on the running and performance of your company.

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