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Stop Making Recitation Mistakes by Taking Online Quran Classes

Reciting the Quran is very important for Muslims. After all, the Quran is Allah’s Word, and we must give it a lot of respect. However, many Muslims also fall short in some aspects of reciting the Quran. This is primarily due to lack of knowledge of Tajweed. Tajweed is one of the most important sciences that Muslims should be aware of. All Muslims should know at least a basic level of Tajweed. A more advanced level is, of course, going to ensure fewer mistakes overall.

Allah revealed the Quran in the language of the Arabs. He says in Surah Fussilat that if He had revealed the Quran in another language, people would have asked why the Quran’s verses weren’t explained in detail. Jibril (AS) brought the revelation of the Quran to Muhammad (PBUH) and applied the rules of Tajweed to what he taught him.

However, Jibril (AS) didn’t only teach the Prophet (PBUH) one method of Tajweed. There are different methods and all of them are correct. That is why you may sometimes hear someone reciting the Quran; you may think they are committing mistakes in their recitation but in fact, it’s just another type of recitation that Islam allows.

Why we should join Online Quan Classes There was no major need for learning Tajweed in the early days of Islam. That is because Islam spread to Arab lands initially. Hence, the Arabs obviously knew the rules of Arabic and how to implement them. However, Tajweed gained importance after Islam spread further. People didn’t know how to correctly pronounce Quranic Arabic. To clear up any confusion and clarify the rules, it was important to spread the knowledge of Tajweed so that people know the correct recitation.

What Is Tajweed?

Allah tells us in the Quran to recite it in a measured way. Hence, any person who recites the Quran must be mindful about Quranic rules of recitation. Tajweed is always an essential part of learning the Quran. Even basic Quran courses include some basic level of Tajweed. More advanced levels require specialized Tajweed classes.

Letters in Arabic have a method of pronunciation that we must exactly follow. Tajweed is the science that deals with Arabic letters and their characteristics. Knowing about Tajweed enables us to pronounce Arabic words correctly. If we incorrectly pronounce words, we can unintentionally alter the meanings of the Quran, which is unacceptable.

How To Learn Tajweed

To learn Surah Mulk at an online Quran academy, you can take the specialized Tajweed course. Here, you will learn about the makhraj of all Arabic letters, which means the articulation point. This ensures that you emit the letters from the correct point of origination. Some letters come from the throat, while others come from the tongue, etc. People who don’t know Arabic don’t know these technical details. Hence, they need to learn Tajweed, preferably at online Quran academies.

Arabic letters have specific characteristics. These characteristics determine how we pronounce the words. Some of them are constant and don’t change. On the other hand, there are some characteristics of letters that change according to their positioning. Hence, knowing the application that is required for specific cases is very important.

Types of Tajweed Mistakes

You can make several types of errors in Tajweed since the science is quite broad. Some of the mistakes are very simple to detect and most ordinary Muslims who recite the Quran can pick them up. These are clear mistakes because of how evident they are, and you can easily rectify them. Examples include pronouncing one letter as another or applying the wrong vowels.

The deeper level of errors are the ones that the average Muslim can’t detect. Tajweed teachers or people with in-depth knowledge of Tajweed will know about these mistakes and how to detect them. They are not very apparent and only people with immense knowledge in the field can detect them successfully.

Benefits of Learning Tajweed

The first and most important reason for us to learn Tajweed is that we are reciting the Quran in the correct way. We are fulfilling its rights and reciting it as it deserves to be recited. Allah says in the Quran that the believers who He has given the Quran to recite it in the correct manner.

Learning about the exact method of pronunciation is important when it comes to improving our recitation of the Quran. After we do that, we can teach the Quran to others. As the Prophet (PBUH) told us, the best Muslims are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others. Hence, you must learn the correct recitation of the Quran.

Time To Learn Tajweed

Tajweed is a highly technical topic. Learning the basics is relatively easy and you can do it in a short time. However, learning about the articulation points and characteristics of the letters can take some time. Children and beginners will learn the basics along with the basic Quran reading course. However, more advanced learners who take the full Tajweed specialized course should expect to spend more time on learning these technicalities.


As with all the other types of Quran lessons, you have the option of taking traditional classes. These are the ones people have been taking for hundreds of years. However, nowadays, they have become slightly less popular. Online learning is taking over.

The most popular way of learning nowadays is via an online Quran academy. This is a great option for all types of learners including beginners and even intermediary and advanced learners. You can learn a wide variety of courses pertaining to the Quran, including Quran memorization and translation.

Online lessons are one on one and they are highly beneficial for both teacher and student. Students find it much easier to gain knowledge of the Quran if they opt for this method of learning.

Quran For Kids is an online Quran academy specializing in all types of Quran courses, including Tajweed. If you opt to study with us, you can sign up and immediately gain access to a free one-week trial. We promise an unrivalled experience that you are guaranteed to enjoy.

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