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Starting a Successful Moving Company

Starting a moving business can seem like a scary undertaking right now, but there are enough reasons why you should start one anyway. Some businesses will need to move to cheaper offices as they stabilise when things go back to normal. In addition, many people are moving to cheaper housing because they are finding it hard to keep up with their rental payments. So, even if things might seem bleak, they really aren’t for moving companies. So, what do you need to start a successful business?

A Business Plan

As with any business, you will need a business plan. This is a plan of action on how to start and run the business as well as a glimpse into the future to see where your business will be in a few years’ time. It will also help you allocate resources to things like marketing and vehicle purchase, as well as help you identify gaps in the market and opportunities your new business could take advantage of.

Identify the Services You Will Offer

The types of services you offer will depend on the size of your business and how many employees you hire initially. A man and van arrangement only needs you and the van; a self-load arrangement means the client loads the vans or trucks, and you do the transporting; while packing services mean you get to pack the items you will be transporting and get them to the new location. There are many more variations you could come up with, such as offering storage options for people who need some space before they know where to take their belongings.

Get Certified and Insured

You need to obtain a certificate that shows you are permitted to run the business. For national operations, this will be enough, but you need international or overseas certifications if you wish to move items across borders.

Insurance is very important as people trust movers who have insurance more than they do those who do not. At the very least, you need fleet insurance if you have more than one van or truck. There are lots of different insurance providers, but because you are a new business, you might need one who has favourable plans and rates. You can compare different insurance providers and get deals from You can request quotes on their website to get a better understanding of what different providers offer.

Set Your Budget

Your budget will determine how you spend the money you have. It should be based on present and future expenses such as the fleet, tools, packing materials and other business costs.

Set Your Prices

Before you start looking for clients, it is important to research your competition so that you get an idea of how much to charge. The figure you come up with should cover all your expenses, leave you with positive cash flow, and be competitive.

Starting a moving company can seem daunting at this time, but it should not. Taking the necessary steps and planning for the present as well as the future should give you somewhere you start. Don’t forget to study your competition so that you learn from what they are doing right and fill the gaps they are not able to.

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