Start Writing Work From Home Using

Start Writing Work From Home Using

The content writing is very relevant in this age of the internet. The contents available on the web sites help the customers to make selection easy and the clients to advertise their products.  For the online marketing, product descriptions, brochures, news articles, blogs, essays and technical articles are required by many business houses. Those who have flair for writing have many opportunities and can earn a lot of money by providing contents for various clients by writing work from home. Freelancing gives flexibility in these types of jobs. One can work from home and conveniently schedule the writing without disturbing one’s other daily routines.

The content marketing is a very wide field where there are many clients and many willing writers. Only a few big houses will have their own writers to promote their products. However, most of the smaller companies seek the help of agencies to get the contents written by the writers. The content market place is a platform, which connects the clients and the writers including starters and experts. For a free lancer the selection of the agency is very important. The authenticity and the past records of the agency are important for the clients and the content writers in India. The Contentmart is one of the best options as far as the clients and the freelancers are concerned.

Contentmart was launched in May 2015 and is an online platform for the clients and freelance content writers. It is the first content market place in India where Indian and foreign talents are available. Nowadays more and more freelance networks are available. But most of these networks cater to the clients who ask for variety of talents. However, the Contentmart is a web site meant exclusively for copywriters.

The Contentmart has nearly 11000 qualified freelance content writers registered with them. The number of the clients registered touches 20,000 mark nearly. Here the clients get access to qualified Freelance Content Writers without any commission. The copywriter receives the payment directly from the client. If there is a mismatch in the content, the amount paid by the client will be refunded by the Contentmart. The client directly contacts the copywriter and makes any revision in the content if required.

At the Contentmart, the clients can register online. The orders placed by the clients can be viewed by the registered copywriters and they can quote their prices. The clients can select the copywriter of their choice. The interested copywriters can register with the Contentmart and in accordance with the interests and the qualifications, the writer will be directed to the clients.

The Contentmart thus helps the writers to earn using their writing talent sitting at home. Therefore, those interested to pursue this profession get registered with the Contentmart without any delay. For more details log on to

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