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Stankevicius MGM Brief On Advertising Industry Highlights 2020

At just one occasion, Advertising Industry (IA), data-driven marketing and voice program optimization (VSEO) were ambitious concepts bordering on the ludicrous. Today, these innovative digital marketing trends are among the highest priorities for many business owners in 2020. Furthermore, the very fact that digital advertising is rapidly treading the trail of a whirlwind of changes is not irony. It is a superb assessment.

The world of advertising, generally, is continuously evolving and adapting as new regulations and technologies still step into the limelight. While we have the publishers, brands, and content creators, on one side, the advertisers are not relenting on the opposite end. Indeed, advertisers will still witness shifts in their businesses because the industry continues to increase its tentacles.

Each business may be a victim of Digital Darwinism, the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology evolve faster than the power to take advantage of it. Digital Darwinism doesn’t discriminate. Every business is threatened.

We have compiled the lists of things that are hopeful of reshaping the planet of advertising within the coming months. Here are the highest digital advertising trends to observe call in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

If you have not already realized it, 2020 could also be the year that tons of individuals awaken to the dominance of AI (AI). It is bound to be at the guts of worldwide business and industry within the future and it is already taking up many simple jobs.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising means using AI to automate ad buying so you will mark more precise audiences. Real-time bidding, for instance, may be a sort of programmatic ad buying. This automation is far more professional and fast, which suggests higher conversions and poorer customer acquisition costs.

It is altering the face of digital advertising so quickly that, consistent with eMarketer, 86.2 % of alphanumeric show ads within the U.S. are going to be programmatic by 2020.


If you would like to face calls in 2020, you would like to personalize your marketing which means personalized content, products, emails and more.

Consider these personalization stats:

  • 63% of consumers are highly irritated with generic advertising blasts
  • 80% say they’re more likely to try to do business with a corporation if it offers personalized experiences 90% claim they find personalization appealing.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is one among, if not the, very important marketing trend today and certain for succeeding 5-10 years. These numbers show the significance of integrating video into your digital marketing plan in 2020:

  • 70% of consumers say that they need to be shared a brand’s video
  • 72% of companies declare that video has enhanced their conversion rate
  • 65% of managerial visit the marketer’s website and 39% call a dealer after screening a video

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing may be a sort of word-of-mouth marketing that focuses on using key leaders to amplify your brand message to a broader market. Since influencer marketing is generally more valid than corporate advertising:

  • 63% of consumers belief influencers’ opinions of products far more than what brands tell about themselves
  • 58% of individuals have bought a replacement development within the past six months due to an influencer’s recommendation

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