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Should You buy Huawei Honor MagicWatch 2

We have to mention the newly released Kirin A1 chip of HUAWEI’s smart watches. Kirin A1 is another brand-new self-developed Kirin chip after the mobile terminal. This chip is different from the performance chip of the mobile terminal. It focuses on low power consumption and balanced performance. It is the world’s first low-power Bluetooth 5.1 chip. Kirin A1 integrate a series of unit modules. Such as AP, RAM, DSP, sensor matrix, etc. Its heterogeneous computing saves much power dissipation in all aspects.

The processors of Kirin A series serve for wearable smart devices. There have real wireless headphones, smart bracelets, smart watches, etc. HUAWEI innovate fastly. HONOR MagicWatch 2 smart watches with Kirin A1 have been popular.

Huawei Honor MagicWatch 2
Huawei Honor MagicWatch 2

The smart watches/bracelets have improved people’s concept of healthy life. The device can detect your health status. No matter who will care about his health. Big data statistics provide a more scientific reference basis. The market has formed two consumer goods. One is the smart watch series with advanced ultra-full function configuration. The other is the bracelet products with simple function but high cost performance.

Users of the two products can point out their short boards. Smart watches are powerful but its power consumption is very fast. Turning on all the monitoring functions require to charge twice a day. The smart bracelet solves the problem of endurance. But its functions are simple. The public will pursue more functions. There will be a market gap between the two products. It requires a product with complete functions and powerful endurance. HONOR MagicWatch 2 can meet this demand.


The design of this product is very sporty. Another linen brown color is suitable for business people. The size of the watch dial is 46 mm. The glass of the panel adopts the integrated 3D mineral glass. The thickest part of the watch is only 10.7 mm. The watch is exquisite in workmanship. The keys and seams fit perfectly. The scales carved inside the dial and the numbers outside have the flavor of mechanical watches. The dial has only two physical keys on the right. The design is simple. The touch screen can complete the most of the operations. The AMOLED screen with a resolution of 454*454 pixels performs well on the watch. It has a customized dial featuring features and fashionable personality. The watchband is made of rubber. It is comfortable to wear. It can prevent sliding caused by sweating. Of course, there are high-end watchbands with metal and leather to choose from.

MagicWatch 2 is an application product of HUAWEI Kirin A1 chip. It has many advantages. Long endurance, exquisite workmanship and moderate price are all commendable. Choosing smart watches is to choose a healthier life for consumers. MagicWatch 2 can satisfy this task very well.

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