Recommended Air Velocity In Hvac Ducts

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on getting the best HVAC system if the ductwork is not properly designed and installed. You will notice that a poorly designed ductwork will cost high energy, produce a lot of noise and have bad air quality, while a properly designed high-quality duct will preserve the indoor air quality and additionally consume the minimum energy cost. In today’s world, the Air Duct Cleaning industry is exploding at a very high rate, and this one has to have the right knowledge and choose the right Air duct Cleaning Equipment. That is not all. One also needs proper help, support, and choose the one that is not over-priced and works perfectly as per their requirement.

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Ductwork And Recommendable Air Velocities

If the air velocity in the duct exceeds the recommended limit, it will lead to an excessive pressure drop in the duct, and thus an unpleasant noise will be generated. It is always recommended to keep the velocity of the main duct something between 1000 to 1500 fmp and the branch ducts as something between 700 to 1000 fmp. However, the actual limit depends on the use and the appliance. There are three categories in which one can classify the ducts system and thus their air velocity. Every service has got different recommended maximum air velocity, and one should not exceed the limit prescribed. They are:

  1. High-Velocity System – the air velocity should be greater than 13m/s or 2500 fmp
  2. Medium Velocity System – the air velocity should range between 10m/s to 13m/s or 2000 to 2500 fmp
  3. Low-Velocity System – the air velocity should be not more than 10m/s, which is 2000 fmp

When air is being passed through the duct at high speed, it could end up with more resistance, more turbulence, and thus larger production of noise. The bigger the duct, the lower will be its velocity. A low air velocity is not something one should worry about, but one needs to keep in mind that it doesn’t get too low. The static pressure is the “troubling factor” here when one has to work with moving air. This is because airflow is never constant in the continuity equation of the airflow rate.

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