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Reasons Why Bowling Is A Great First Date

Dating in today’s modern world can be tough. Technology has made it easier than ever to meet people and find someone with many of the same interests as our own. But we still have to interact with them in person and that very same technology which has helped us connect with people all over the world, has made it more difficult for us to connect with them in person. This makes the all-important first date even more stressful for some couples.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. With some careful planning and a trip to Airport Bowl at Heathrow, your first date experience can be a lot of fun and it could lead to a second or third date. Who knows where that first date could lead?

If you are looking for a good first date idea that can take a lot of the pressure off of meeting someone new, why not consider bowling? Bowling is fun and it gives you a chance to learn more about your date in an open, friendly atmosphere. Sound like a good idea? Let’s take a look at some reasons why bowling is a great first date:

5 Reasons Why Bowling Is A Great First Date

Bowling Is Casual- there is no need to dress formal or in your best club attire when it comes to bowling and both you and your date will feel much more relaxed in a low-key, casual setting. And Airport Bowl at Heathrow offers much more than just bowling. There is an arcade, restaurant and bar, perfect for making your first date a memorable one!

Good Way To Break The Ice- bowling is a really good way to break the ice and can help start up many conversations as you show off your skills, or lack thereof.

The Touch Barrier- psychologists say that once you get past the so-called “Touch Barrier” during your first date, you will both be much more relaxed and open to conversation. With bowling, there are plenty of opportunities to get past this that are all casual and non-threatening. From giving a high five, to correcting each other’s form, physical contact in bowling is quite prevalent.

Learn More About Your Date- when you are in a loud nightclub or upscale restaurant, you don’t often get to find out who your date really is and what they are all about. Likewise, your date doesn’t get to learn very much about you either. Bowling at Airport Bowl lets you both get to know each other a little better and see each other’s personalities so you can see if you truly are a match.

Bowling Leads To More- when you choose bowling as a first date idea, it usually leads to more. Airport Bowl at Heathrow has a Barcelo’s restaurant, a bar, arcades and billiards rooms attached which give you and your date a wide range of options.

Your Corporate Event Headquarters

Airport Bowl is not only a good first date idea in the Heathrow area, it is also one of the best venues for your next corporate party, event or training and team building event. We are the area’s oldest and largest bowling centre with 36 lanes, a licensed bar, arcade area, pool tables and a Barcelo’s restaurant.

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To learn reasons why bowling is a great first date idea, contact Airport Bowl today!

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