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Preparation Brings Peace of Mind

Earthquakes are part of living in Sacramento and preparing for an earthquake is the best way to keep your and your family safe. You will never know when an earthquake will strike, but you can prepare today and decide how you will respond.

Have An Emergency Kit.

You and each member of your family, including pets, should have an emergency 72-hour kit ready and waiting. Kits could include the following:

  • 3 gallons of water
  • 3-day supply of non-perishable food
  • Flashlight
  • Battery-powered or hand-crank radio
  • Extra batteries
  • First-aid supplies
  • Medications
  • Basic clothing, including warm a layer
  • Matches
  • N-95 masks
  • Can opener
  • Multi-purpose tool
  • Sanitation and personal hygiene items
  • Copies of personal documents
  • Cell phone chargers
  • Emergency contact information
  • Extra cash
  • Emergency blanket

Make A Family Evacuation Plan

You and your family need to discuss how you will respond after an earthquake. Your plan should include two meeting places: outside but near your home and the second outside your neighborhood. The chances are high that your household members will be away from home when an earthquake strikes, so it’s important to make a plan for where you will meet and how you will communicate with one another. An out of the area contact that everyone calls or texts with updates can help you account for all your family members safety and whereabouts. In addition, you should make plans for what you will do if asked to evacuate. Where will you go? What will you take? How will you get there? Review and practice these plans regularly.

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Discuss What To Do In An Earthquake

Talk to your children about what to do in an earthquake. Practice drop, cover, and hold on drills. Locate safe places in your home, workplace, or school that are away from windows, bookcases, and other hazards. Keep a flashlight and pair of low-heeled shoes by every bed to facilitate getting out of bed safely in the middle of the night. Place important safety numbers like leak detection sacramento in easy to find locations so family members can call for help if needed. Secure large items like bookcases and water heaters to walls and avoid hanging heavy items over areas where people sit or sleep.

Peace Of Mind

Keeping your family safe in an earthquake is all about preparation. Have emergency kits, make a plan, and discuss the best ways to respond. When the worst happens, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family will know what to do.

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