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Personal Injury Trials- The Role Of Expert Witnesses

When it comes to personal injury trials, the chances of getting a fair settlement greatly depends on the credibility of the evidence you present in the court. Needless to say, you require the key documentary proof including the police report, medical records and photographs. Witness testimonies can go a long way in strengthening the case. Further, you could benefit a lot from having an expert witness for validating your claim in the trial. Your lawyer would recommend calling an expert witness if they can really add value to the case. Here are some facts that you need to understand about the role of these witnesses in personal injury trials.

Understand The Types Of Expert Witnesses

Basically there are two types of expert witnesses, namely consulting witnesses and testifying experts. While a consulting witness simply explains the facts of your case, a testifying expert actually appears in the court and provides testimony. A testifying expert from a specific area of specialism can be of help in typical personal injury cases. These may be professionals from the field of medicine and mental health to validate your physical and mental injuries. Further, an accident reconstructionist or an engineering specialist can throw light on the cause of the mishap. You may need a financial expert and a vocational rehabilitation specialist to describe the impact of the injuries on your financial position and work prospects respectively.

The Importance Of Expert Witnesses

Your case may apparently seem straightforward but there could be several complexities that might prevent you from getting full and fair compensation when it goes into the court. An expert witness can be of great help in such circumstances because they have the technical knowledge to provide a helpful perspective on the case. Unlike a standard eyewitness, they need not see the accident but experienced trial attorneys still recommend having them testify. Moreover, they are legally allowed to testify because they are capable of adding vital information that can be useful for resolving the case faster and ensuring that the victim gets fair compensation.

Choosing An Expert Witness For A Trial

The choice of the right expert witness can improve the chances of getting fair compensation for your injuries. There are certain guidelines your lawyer will have to follow while choosing them to support your claim. Essentially, they must have the proper credentials along with proficiency in their field. Further, a track record that relates to the specifics of your case is also needed. Additionally, there shouldn’t be a conflict of interest or any past scandal that the other party may use to discredit the witness. This is something your lawyer will validate before having them to testify. It is also important to ensure that the professional believes in your claim and is willing to stand in your favor while defending your claim in the trial.

Having an expert witness to testify on your behalf is surely a plus for your personal injury trial. Still, you must be very sure about their credibility and smartness because this is one link that can make or break your case.

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