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Op-Boost.Com – An Example Of An Excellent Gaming Business Model

The gaming business has seen an incredible boom in the 21st century. The constantly changing nature of technology means that it is a very competitive industry. It is important to establish yourself in a market like this by gaining a competitive advantage. Op-boost.com is an example of a gaming business that has done just that.

Op-boost.com has been around since 2016 and based its business on the popular online game League of Legends (LoL). There is a lot of money to be made in LoL as competitions attract winnings of over $1 million. There are a lot of players who are willing to pay large sums of money to boost their rankings so that they can play in paid competitions.

What services are offered by op-boost.com?

They charge a nominal fee for boosting your LoL account. For those who do not know what boosting is, it’s a method to increase (or “boost”) a player’s experience in LoL. This is done by a booster either logging into your account and playing for you or playing with you.

If you do not feel safe about sharing your account with strangers then this next part is for you. Op-boost.com uses VPNs to hide the IP address of boosters to protect the safety of your account.

They provide two main services: solo boosting and duo boosting.

Solo boosting

This involves a booster logging into your account and playing games for you.  There are 4 options for solo boosting:

1.     Solo Division Boost is a type of boost where a booster plays many games using your account until they get you to your preferred ranking.

2.     Solo Placement Matches boost is a type of boost where a booster will try and get you to a placement match number you will be satisfied with.

3.     Solo Net Wins boost is a type of boost where a booster will play on your account until he gets the number of victories that you ordered.

4.     Solo Normal Games boost is a type of boost where a booster logs into your account and plays as many solo normal games as the client instructs.

Duo Boosting

A booster playing alongside you in games and in this way he/she raises your experience. There are 4 options for duo boosting:

1.     Duo-Q Division boosting is when a booster plays with you to get you to a certain rank.

2.     Duo-Q Placement Matches boosting is when a booster plays alongside you to get your preferred match placement number.

3.     Duo-Q Net Wins boosting is a type of boosting where the booster plays with the client to achieve a victory ratio number that the client finds suitable.

4.     Duo-Q Games boosting is when the booster plays with you until you have played the number of Duo-Q games that you want.

What makes op-boost.com unique?

·       Quality Boosters

They have a strong team of boosters available from all over the world. They will ensure that you achieve your desired goals and boast a minimum of diamond 1 rank.

·       Competitive Prices

They have remained strong competitors in the gaming business industry due to their low prices. They have a system where boosters are paid based on the quality of their work. This ensures that boosters provide quality services while maintaining competitive prices.

·       Speedy Boosting

They assure you will have the fastest boosting experience thanks to their competent boosters.

·       Account Protection

Boosters are required to use VPNs when using your account for boosting. The VPN will hide his IP address so that it can’t be discovered that someone else is using your account. They limit the number of boosters that can use an individual account to one. This is to hide the fact that your IP address is changing so often.

Critique of Their Business Model

The business model describes the tools to success within a business. They should be simple and easy to implement. These qualities describe a successful business model.

Op-boost.com is based on a niche market. It works within the world of gaming but specializes in the game League of Legends which is one segment of the entire market. By focusing on one segment they can provide a more quality service and therefore specializing in that segment.

By focusing on League of Legends they were able to attract amazing players from all over the world. They recruited these players as boosters to ensure quality boosts. By providing quality boosts they were able to promise timely delivery of services.

These core qualities, combined with their competitive prices, provide the center of its business model. They are driven by providing affordable, quality-driven services to the LoL community to enhance their playing experience.

The business model followed by op-boost.com is elegant and simple. It is an example of the gaming business model of quality-driven service used to gain a competitive advantage.

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