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What Sort Of an Impacts of TV, Radio and Internet is Making Among Youngsters in Nigeria

There is a rapidly growing communication mix with the advent of the World Wide Web Erika Somogyi in Nigeria through radio and online TV. More and more youngsters have started to follow radio and Television via the Web because of its collaborative nature.

Nigeria News and lifestyle ideas are avidly followed over the Web by the teens than in the mainstream media, in spite of the fact that there are national accounts of various FM radio and TV stations. Social media networking, on the other hand, has made it a lot convenient for people to watch out their favorite videos via YouTube and Facebook.

The fact is that youngsters are more attracted to online radio and TV because they are a computer savvy generation. More so, the social interactions have moved to space. The World Wide Web provides them with an opportunity to connect with like-minded people worldwide with very little or no restrictions at all.

What’s more interesting is that the agenda-setting has been tailored via Web-based communications, from entertainment to music. Real-time updates have made the Internet a vital place to be for many musicians, artists, and media analysts.

Many of the traditional FM radio and TV stations in Nigeria have started exploring the Web to reach out to their followers, in order not to be left behind in this ever-changing world.

On the other hand, the high costs of data and other Internet service disruption is still a big challenge to the complete utilization of the Web as a medium of radio and TV communication in Nigeria.

It has been anticipated that with the attraction of more investment in the communication and IT sector in Nigeria, the online radio and TV industry will certainly witness a massive change.

The advantages of online communication are plentiful; consider the multiplier effects it would have on science, education, agriculture, sports, technology, commerce, and entertainment industry. More development frontiers would open up as several start-ups by the youngsters have been facilitated through online radio and TV communications.  One of the major fallouts of this incredible change would be the integration of economics of such developing nations like Nigeria through Information Technology and Communications.

All that is required for now is that the Government along with other critical stakeholders put this plan into action.

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