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New Perspectives in the Wind Energy Industry

In recent years, the demand of renewable and alternative sources of energy has drastically increased. Wind power is one of the fastest growing solutions: its production offers a large power generation, while requesting relatively little capital to invest.

Consequently, the market has seen also an increasing demand for higher and stiffer wind towers, which guarantee exposure to higher average wind speeds, to:

  • maximize the energy output;
  • keep maintenance costs to the minimum.

Obtaining these results is possible only if manufacturers find newer materials and processing technologies to build and install wind towers and if there are interesting places in which to invest.

Wind Energy Production in Japan

Many countries would like to have a smooth transition to renewable energy production. Thanks to the right investments and innovations, Japan could have the potential to become a leader in wind energy production:

  • it has an estimated potential of 144 gigawatts (GW) for onshore wind and 608 GW for offshore wind capacity;
  • since it lacks high population density, it would be relatively easy to take advantage of the power potential of offshore wind on Japan’s 29,751 km of coastline.

However, today Japan is still highly dependent on nuclear energy and fossil fuels and wind energy represents only a small percentage of the country’s potential. Luckily, as new regulations come into place, offshore wind power generation is expected to become the main source of renewable energy in Japan. The Offshore Wind Industry Vision set as a target the production of 30 to 45 GW projects and an increase of the domestic procurement ratio by 2040.

To reach this ambitious goal, it is necessary to correctly define the production needs: many times, the desired production outcome collides with the real capacity of the equipment available on the market. Therefore, the first step to take to be sure to have a successful ending of the project is to assess accurately the production needs, the real capabilities of the equipment and the available budget.

Indeed, offshore wind foundations are defined by different technical requirements depending on the type of structure. Every kind requires specific or dedicated equipment configurations to offer to customers the best solution for its needs. Such various and complex production types require a precise decisional process to evaluate all the variables, so it is of utmost importance to find suppliers with highly experienced teams that are able to guide the manufacturer to the most fitting solution.

Saudi firm Alfanar acquires wind turbine manufacturer Senvion India

Faccin Group’s Ideas and Propositions

Faccin Group, an Italian-based corporation started in the 1960s, provides top notch machines for roll bending metals, thanks to its three brands, FACCIN, BOLDRINI and ROUNDO. In the wind energy sector, FACCIN has a long history of delivering machines used for the construction of wind towers, foundations (such as tripods, jackets, monopiles & TP), wind tower door frames and flanges:

  • FACCIN’s plate rolls offer valuable features for the wind tower manufacturing. They ensure high accuracy, minimum cycle time and great automation, necessary for a successful operation and to work 24/7;
  • for foundation manufacturing, FACCIN offers sturdy bending rolls with extra capacity and able to maximize productivity and minimize consumption;
  • motorized feeding tables, tiltable vertical supports, plate aligning systems, side supports are an integral part of FACCIN’s offer for the automation system of the wind towers;
  • to produce flanges and door frames FACCIN suggests using their innovative 4-roll machine (model 4HEL/DF), especially designed for this scope, and their rotating ring roller, the GIOTTO model, perfect for flanges production both in cold and hot condition.

FACCIN has always been attentive to customers’ requirements. FACCIN’s single-operator wind tower integrated automation system is designed precisely to maximize the productivity of rolled cans manufacturers by guaranteeing reliability, precision and a fast-rolling cycle. The system also combines essential components such as a robust top support, sturdy side support and self-aligning feeding table, all controlled by a state-of-the-art CNC, enhanced by their long experience in this technology and designed to guarantee customers’ profitability.

The Group understands that maintenance down time or unexpected errors may occur during the manufacturing process; that is why, in order to provide a fast and professional service to all their customers around the world, Faccin Group has incorporated a special function in their Faccin CNC controlled machines called RSM (Remote service management) securely connected to the FACCIN Cloud Service.

It allows the end user to receive immediate assistance directly from the customer service department using live video feed and an easy-to-use interface. In this way, real-time assistance is provided whenever needed. Upon request, the service department can also see the screen of the console and help the user run diagnostics or trouble shoot at the spot and analyse the collected data to provide solutions for improving efficiency.

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