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Why Is The Mwc The World Event In Capital Letters?

There are different types of fairs: those that attract all types of public, those that only serve to conduct business at a high level and with a restricted access, those that attract both curious and professionals… and on top of them is the Mobile World Congress.

And the reason is that the MWC is much more than a fair, convention or congress… it’s above all that and not to disparage other important trade fairs that are held in places where so does the MWC (in this case Fira Barcelona), but for the millimetric planning of this event by companies, organizers and participants. It also moves a whopping sum of 500 million euros in just 4 days, what would be the equivalent of the Atlético de Madrid team: stadium, staff and subsidiaries included.

These figures make the whole organization and even the whole city, turn around this fair of fairs even months before: the preparations for the next edition are now ready, from the full reservation of hotels to the very important stand design for Mobile World Congress 2017, pieces of art that attract more than 100,000 visitors.

A fair worthy of the front page

If the economic data are not sufficient for you to understand the scope of the Mobile World Congress and why it is considered the trade fair in capital letters between fairs, make a simple exercise of memory: what fair of all held can you remember that is taking place at the moment? Or how many sector fairs do you know?

It will probably be difficult for you to answer what is happening right now in the congressional palace of your city, but there is no doubt that when the date of the MWC comes, you know perfectly what happens around it.

A fair where everyone wants to attend

Do you remember the last time Mark Zuckerberg strolled through your city? Facebook’s creator does not hesitate to go to Barcelona every year, where the spotlight is often on him, and even did some jogging in front of the Sagrada Familia. He never comes alone, thought: Jan Koum, founder of Whatsapp; Virgina Rometty, IBM world president; or Rich Riley, the Director Executive of the “virtual currency” Big Coin are just some of the international guests that mark in red this appointment in Barcelona’s calendar.

A fair in the spotlight

The astronomic figures that the Mobile World Congress moves are a bit like eyecandy for any premier convention center: the 500 million euros that it moves and the more than 100,000 prestigious visitors who do not hesitate to pay the price of the pass (that range from €780 up to €5,000 for the platinum pass), all the publicity and all the infrastructure that brings such an event (to the point of opening a whole metro line for the occasion).

This proves that its organization is measured to the millimeter, and that other cities like Madrid fight to be charged of its management (and it’s working together with Barcelona until at least 2023), and that before, during and after its celebration, the vent is in the front pages of newspapers, on TV news and entire articles on internet.

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