Making The Choice Of Window’s Material

Making The Choice Of Window’s Material

With the world evolving so quickly, many things have being changed. Human have discovered so much new and with www.Star Force .com these new inventions they have realized that so many practices that they were doing were harming them. For example until 90’s people taught tea was beneficial for health but soon in 2000 they realized that tea could be harmful for human body because of its nicotine.

Emergence of vinyl:

Around 1990- 2005 wood was starting to be replaced by other material, namely vinyl. Vinyl is a common name used for an advanced polymer, called Poly-vinyl Chloride. Vinyl or PVC has being used for construction, transportation, medical devices and many more.

The reason for the increase in usage of PVC or vinyl is that it’s very economical. Companies use vinyl along with various materials to make their specific product, thus not same vinyl molecules are used for making everything around us. Even with other molecules, vinyl is still very affordable.

Vinyl and windows:

PVC is a safe, cheap and thermal resistant product. With so many benefits it soon was used for making windows too. Poly-vinyl Chloride is blended with certain chemical that make it flexible so that it could be molded into the window frames, and to resist being degraded by the sun.

Windows are composed of glass and frame thus vinyl is used as the framing material.

Advantages of vinyl frames:

Vinyl frames soon became very popular, and it is because of its various advantages, that are:

  1. Exceptionally energy efficient.
  2. Extremely durable.
  3. Non-corroding.
  4. Virtually maintenance-free.
  5. Weather and impact resistance.

Commonly vinyl frames were available in white and neutral colors, but with recent development, vinyl frames are now available in many lighter and darker shades. A new coating has been introduced that allow UV rays to pass through the frame and reflect, it preserve the exterior finish thus the frames look like new for a longer duration.

Differences between vinyl windows and wood windows:

The basic factors of difference between wood and vinyl windows are of:

1.     Material:

Vinyl windows are made up of PVC while the wood windows are made up of wood. The vinyl window has some metals or other plastic molecules for the sash mechanism. The exterior part of the wood windows is covered with aluminum, plastic molecules or fiberglass.

2.     Color:

Vinyl windows come commonly in lighter shades, but now-a-days few companies have launched darker shaded vinyl windows in Oshawa.

3.     Maintenance:

Vinyl window never needs paint or sealing, and that their biggest advantages, you only have to install them once and then you can relax and forget about the windows. While on the other hand wood windows need regular maintenance, you have to paint them regularly otherwise they look ugly.

4.     Heat conduction:

Vinyl windows are good non-conductors while wood is the excellent non-conductor. Thus both can be ideal for energy saving purposes.

5.     Cost:

Vinyl windows are cheaper than any other windows, while the wood windows are extremely expensive, they are kind of luxury item.

6.     Appearance:

With the addition of new shades, vinyl windows look fair, while the wood windows can increase the beauty of your house.

7.     Availability:

Since there are so many manufacturers, the vinyl windows are easily available in the market. On the other hand the manufacturers of wood windows are very few; as a result they are a rare commodity.

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Sophia is an interior designer, she say that the vinyl windows Oakville, are more stylish and affordable than any other.

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