Bulk SMS in Nigeria - How To Send Bulk SMS @ 0.65kobo/Unit

Low-Cost Bulk SMS in Nigeria – Is It Really Worth It?

Though low prices and discount deals can be a crucial driver of sales, it is vital that you keep this old adage in mind that ‘you get what you pay for’ and Bulk SMS is no exception. Businesses can opt for paying less now or paying more later once the issue arises, or paying a little more for a superior service with no glitches at all. When Erika Somogyi it comes to picking the best Bulk SMS service in Nigeria for mobile messaging, several other aspects besides price should be kept in mind. Consider the aspect of reliability, coverage, customer service, network quality and pricing of the service to choose the best.

Products and Services

Does the bulk SMS in Nigeria offers a wide range of functions and features?  Are there any different ways of sending messages, and what other beneficial functionalities does it offer? Are you getting an instant delivery report along with message scheduling? Is there an option of two-way messaging? Having additional features can definitely save you a lot in the long run, as all the data on your mobile messaging is readily accessible.

Reliability and Coverage

Most of the bulk SMS services claim to have complete coverage to anywhere in the world. Yet the question is not just about the coverage, but how reliable the service is. If their prime route gets blocked, do they have any backups? How efficient are they? While choosing a provider, make sure you take a look at the countries and operators the service connects with, and ask if they have more than one route to a particular destination. Does the backup come with all the vital features of the prime route? Always remember, the backup routes of any worthwhile bulk SMS service will just be as amazing as their prime route.

Network Quality

Oftentimes when an SMS service offers to send bulk SMS at a low rate is because of the quality of their network is slightly below par, causing the messages to be delayed or even lost along the way. If the SMS does not reach its destination, it is a waste of both money and time. If a Bulk SMS service offers you with a free trial, use it to analyze the quality of their network.

There are several key aspects to consider while looking for the best bulk SMS in Nigeria, only one of which is the price. The coverage quality, service, along with their commitment to customer support are also equally crucial.

Selecting an SMS provider should not be based on price alone, as other aspects matter just as much. However, make sure the service you choose offers you with a definite instant delivery of bulk SMS in Nigeria to all GSM networks with a custom sender ID at just 0.65 kobos per unit.

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